Virgo Weekly Horoscope 23rd October to 29th October 2017

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 23rd October to 29th October 2017

You have to leave your little cloud to face reality. This promises a few days of great nervousness but if you seize the opportunities, you will see great progress in your socio-professional situation. A lot of nervousness this week! But you can channel it into creative activities. The artist within you will allow you to express brilliantly what you have on your heart.

You are irritable, agitated. Become aware of your attitude so as not to create tension. Hand over important decisions, avoid impulsive reaction and channel your energy for a specific purpose. You are shaken by storms in your sentimental and financial life. The moon induces sincere but selfish love behaviors, Do not let yourself be influenced by this capricious climate!virgo weekly horoscope 23rd to 29th october 2017

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope 23 October to 29 October 2017
Choices are necessary and make their urgency felt within yourself. You will find yourself confronted with situations that will demand a clearer affirmation of your values, hopes and desires. Your entourage will not be able to do otherwise than to accept your desiderata. It is not impossible that you lack patience! It is to anticipate an upsurge of your taste for voluptuousness and your libido. These moments of passion will be an excellent antidote to cure the past.

Virgo Weekly Job and Work Horoscope 23 October to 29 October 2017
Your motivation for work is getting stronger this week of October 23rd. The influx of Mercury in appearance to your sign will give you a great deal of coolness in the face of what you have to do, and will develop your strategic sense positively. You will not hold up, you will deeply need to make yourself useful and effective. On the other hand, there is a risk of some frictions with your superiors or certain clients or collaborators, whom you will judge profiteers in relation to the work that you will do.

Virgo Weekly Money and luck Horoscope 23 October to 29 October 2017
Mars will give you constructive impulses in your material life, and allow you to act in the direction of better material security in the long term. The return of Jupiter will encourage contacts with people who can help you in this direction. Your efforts will pay off if you accept to be patient especially in the administration.

Virgo Weekly Health Horoscope 23 October to 29 October 2017
Your metabolism this week will stabilize in its fundamental cycles of sleep, muscular and cerebral activity. You will need to practice a healthy lifestyle to regulate the excesses of last year. Be careful not to harden your physical armor, relaxation will be essential to your balance, considering the mass of activities that await you this week Watch your bone capital and ventilate regularly to avoid the sedentary and its effects.

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