10 tricks and add-ons for YouTube that will help you

10 tricks and add-ons for YouTube that will help you take advantage of it like never before

YouTube is the largest video platform on the planet, with more than 1,000 million hours of video a day. The service does not stop growing, users upload 400 hours of video per minute, and the site that is owned by Google since 2006 already wants to offer TV programming.

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Many people use YouTube to consume content in a very hungry way, some even abandon traditional media and opt for streaming to cover all of our entertainment needs. While YouTube is pretty cool as it stands, it can be better, and if you’re a video platform addict, we recommend a long list of add-ons to further enhance your experience with it.

1. Paste a link, download the music

At yout.com you have the simplest and fastest way to download music or audio from any YouTube video. Just enter, paste the link or search for one, choose if you want an MP3 (audio only) or an MP4 (full video), choose the quality and press “record”.

2. Floating player

Floating for YouTube is a Chrome extension that lets you use a floating YouTube mini-player that always stays above the screen. It’s as if YouTube has a picture in picture mode. It’s a great way to keep watching or listening to a YouTube video without having to keep the tab open.

3. YouTube TV

If you’ve used YouTube apps on smart TVs, video game consoles, or devices like Apple TV or Roku, you know the interface is quite different from the YouTube website we open from the browser on our computers.

However, you may not have known that you can access that same interface from YouTube TV. Ideal for those who connect the computer to the TV to see from the comfort of the sofa. You can even pair your mobile device to use as a remote control.

4. Improve YouTube on the web

Magic Actions is another extension for Chrome that adds many extra features to the web player. From automatic playback in high definition, to a cinema mode that obscures the rest of the screen, blocking ads, automatic replay, personalized themes, screenshots in a click, detailed information of users in comments, etc.

5. The best application for Windows 10

If you want to enjoy the best experience in Windows 10, whether you have a laptop or a hybrid touchscreen, Hyper is one of your best options. Not only does it have an interface similar to that of YouTube TV but it lets you download the audio or videos. In addition to this you can add your favorite channels and videos as tiles in the home menu, among many other things.

6. Minitube

Minitube is a great YouTube application for Windows, Linux and Mac. It’s pure minimalism and something that focuses totally and absolutely on video, with nothing else in between causing distractions.

7. Musictube

From the same creator of Minitube, we also have Musictube, a cross-platform application to listen to millions of YouTube songs as in a traditional music player. You can create playlists and edit them, you have an excellent search function, accounts with artists information and you can choose to watch the video in miniature or in large size.

8. A button to make GIFs

MakeGIF Video Capture is one of my favorite extensions. It’s a great way to create animated GIFs from any video within the browser. In the case of YouTube, MakeGIF integrates with the player, and you only have to press a button to capture the segment you want and convert it into GIF.

You have different options to customize the resolution, frames per second and speed of the animated GIF, and you will always know how much you weigh before deciding if you want to download it to your computer or not.

9. YouTube as Tweetdeck

If you’re the one handling huge amounts of YouTube subscriptions, you may suffer a little from how difficult it is to manage over time. VideoDeck is an application for Chrome that tries to put some order in the matter, and offers us an interface to navigate YouTube much like Twitter Tweetdeck.

Separate columns to divide between channels or searches with the latest news of each. Play the internal video on the “deck” so you do not have to leave the tab, and all kinds of options to organize and manage your favorite channels and themes to your liking.

10. Watch the rarest videos and with less visits

If you are tired of the trends and viral videos that everyone has seen and want to wander around the most ghost and strange recordings of YouTube, in Astronaut.io will automatically present you with videos that have been uploaded more recently, those who Have virtually zero reproductions and the default names given by video cameras. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something interesting.

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