10 Youtube Best Tips and tricks that no one knows

10 Youtube tricks that no one knows

Youtube viewers 26% of all internet traffic, second only to Facebook and, all this, being a platform for easy navigation and use.

The Elevate Your Business has discovered some hidden tricks that make the use experience much more enjoyable and then, we have prepared a very curious insight for you.
1. Keyboard shortcuts

You can control Youtube using the keyboard:

  • J to go back 10 seconds;
  • L to advance 10 seconds;
  • K to give play or pause;
  • M to leave mute;
  • Number 0 to restart the video;
  • Number 1 to 9 is the percentage of where you want to resume playback.

2. View video in floating window

You do not necessarily need to stay on the site to watch a video, just enable the floating window.

There is an extension to Chrome called Floating Youtube that gives you this freedom to do other things while your video runs.
3. Quickly find your video

If you do not want to waste time searching for the material you want to see in the midst of so many options, just:

Use quotation marks, “+” or “-” for more assertive results;
Use the terms ‘playlist’ or ‘channel’;
Choose HD or 3D format.

4. Using Youtube on slow connection

Even if your internet is not the best, you can watch videos … Youtube has thought of everything.

Go to youtube.com/account_playback and select the 2nd Playback option.
5. Make Video Gifs

It’s very simple and fun, add the command “GIF” in front of the URL of the video you are watching and press enter.

After this command, you will be directed to the YouTube to GIF website to thus set the duration of your gif and a name.
6. Use auto playback

If you want the next video to start running as soon as your current video ends, enable the autoplay option at the top of the screen.
7. Share video from a point

We share videos every day, but we often want to share only one point that we find most interesting.

To do this, just hit the Control key, right-click and select the second option that will share from the paused scene.

8. Youtube Insurance for children

Youtube presents an option of videos posted by users from all over the world and although the platform has strict control, some may not be appropriate for children.

To prevent children from having access to inappropriate content, Youtube Kids offers only appropriate content.
9. Ensuring Your Privacy

If you do not want anyone to know which videos and channels you have accessed, just log in, access the privacy options and check the two boxes that will appear.
10. Discover music from some video

It’s very common for us to watch an exciting video with an incredible background music and ask yourself what music is that, is not it?

There is an application that can help you Mooma, just copy the Youtube link that will give you the name of the song.


Youtube is the second most accessed site in the world, because it allows fun and entertainment for people of all ages;
But there are secrets and tricks behind the use, so let us uncover some!

Very interesting, is not it?


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