2017 Honda civic has five door body review

In early 2017 Honda will market a new Civic. It will be the tenth generation of this tourism.

Current Civic variants exist five-door body and familiar of the new, Honda has announced the five-door and, for some European markets – in principle Spain will be among them – there will be another four-door.

2017 honda civic red

The Honda Civic 2017 with five-door body is 4.50 meters in length, 1.80 in width and 1.41 in height. It is slightly wider and lower than the previous model, but what has changed the most is the length, which grows 13 centimeters. Therefore, it is slightly larger than the Mazda3 5p (4.47 meters) and smaller than the Toyota Prius (4.54 meters). The Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus are much smaller (4.26 and 4.36 meters respectively). The wheelbase is 2.70 meters (2.6 in the model that is still sold).

The platform is new and, as is customary in each new model, is more rigid (52% more according to Honda data) and lighter (16 kg) than the previous model. The rear suspension is different (multi-arm type instead of wheel) and can carry electronically controlled dampers (the Honda Civic Tourer 2014 also has electronically controlled dampers with two hardness settings). Another change implied by this platform is that the fuel tank “has been relocated elsewhere”. In the current generation (and in the previous generation) the fuel tank is located below the front row of seats.

In the range of engines the main novelty is the use of new petrol engines with supercharging, with 1.0 and 1.5 liters of displacement. The first, three-cylinder, gives 129 horsepower. The second, four-cylinder, gives 182 horsepower.

These engines can be combined with a six-speed manual gearbox or a VT (CVT) gearbox. If the motors are associated with the manual gearbox, they produce more torque than with the variator (comparative technical data sheets). At the moment, we do not know how these differences in performance influence (Honda has not provided these data). The 1.6-liter diesel will remain, though with improvements to make it lighter and more efficient.

The interior has changed a lot. On the one hand, the driver’s seat is 35 millimeters closer to the ground and visibility is better, as the thickness of the windshield pillars is less. Honda also says there is more room for the occupants (there is more width in the two rows of seats and more legroom behind), something we will check as soon as we can measure it. Honda says that “the occupants next to the windows in the rear will now be more comfortable thanks to the adjustable seat base cushions”.

The boot has 478 liters of capacity, which is a normal data for the length of its body (a SEAT Toledo or a Skoda Rapid have a much larger -550 liters – and a Mazda3 5p has it smaller, 364 liters). Comparative list ordered by volume of trunk of five-passenger cars between 4.45 and 4.55 meters in length). Underneath the main floor of the trunk is an additional storage compartment. This second hole is not available in versions with «Sport» equipment. The rear seats can be folded in 60:40 proportions.

The entertainment system (Honda Connect) is comprised of a seven-inch touch screen with the ability to connect to the phone through Apple CarPlay (compatible with iOS 8.4 and later and iPhone 5 or later) and Android Auto (compatible with operating systems Android 5.0 and later). There may be a Garmin navigation system with updated maps and other free services for 5 years. On the central screen you can also see the image that captures the rear parking camera.

Under the name Honda SENSING, Honda includes a series of safety devices whose mission is to control the outside of the vehicle, warn the driver in case of danger and even intervene to avoid dangerous situations. Its performance depends on the information received by a radar, a camera and other sensors. These are the pre-crash protection system, the frontal collision warning system, the inadvertent lane change alert system, the inadvertent lane change assistant or the active speed programmer. This device (ACC) has the peculiarity of is complemented by a function (i-ACC) that “predicts the movement of other vehicles that are incorporated immediately ahead on multi-lane roads”. In addition, the speed programmer takes into account the maximum speed allowed at any time “so that the speed of the vehicle is automatically adjusted to the one indicated by the last signal of the road”. You can also carry cross alert by cross traffic.

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