2017 we will finally see the first phones that become tablets

We have come to the point that we do not know how many times we have heard the rumor of the arrival of devices with flexible screens, a rumor that arises from time to time since 2012, when Samsung introduced that Project Youm. This project evolved in Project Valley, and thanks to him we met the first prototype of a smartphone that unfolds to become a tablet.

2017 flexible phone

After all this, we have seen rumors of LG, Oppo prototypes and even Lenovo, and where the same Samsung has appeared from time to time, all with the supposed promise that this year will be the flexible screens on smartphones. But now the rumor comes from two important sources: on the one hand The Korea Herald and on the other Evan Blass, who assert that this 2017 Samsung and LG will show their first commercial devices with flexible screens.

Will 2017 be the year of flexible smartphones?

According to the information, Samsung began working from August 2016 on a smartphone that is deployed to become a 7-inch tablet, something that coincides with the rumor of Bloomberg last year. Today we have new data that point to that 2017 is still the launch year and we even talk about a production of 100,000 devices for this third quarter.

The Korea Herald mentions that the launch is not yet 100% certain, as the company is studying marketing and profitability issues, as well as continuing to evaluate the consequences of the Galaxy Note 7 crisis. Reorganization in its IT and mobile divisions, which will be decisive for the future launch of this device with flexible screen, from where we already knew the patent that will give life to the system of folding.

On the other hand we have the case of LG, who would also be manufacturing 100,000 flexible devices, only that they would see the light during the fourth quarter of this year. And unlike Samsung, we are more likely to see these devices, as the company has been working on them for more than three years, so they are currently in the final tests.

If everything continues according to plan, during the next MWC in late February, both companies would be in a position to show advances of this technology, and even the final product that would arrive towards the end of the year.

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