22 things that make Gemini the best sign of the zodiac

22 things that make Gemini the best sign of the zodiac

If you were born between May 22 and June 21, we have very good news: you are from Gemini! Why is this good news? For what we will tell you next.

The people belonging to this sign of the zodiac have a large number of qualities that make them unique and irresistible.gemini girls laughing

Those who are Gemini were born between May 21 and June 21. Gemini may have a bad reputation for being manipulative or dangerous, but they also have some amazing qualities. Once you have a Gemini in your life, there is no turning back. Their high level of energy and spontaneity will make you be in paradise every time you are together! We have compiled a list of the 22 reasons why Gemini are the best of all zodiac signs!

1- They love to talk
They are people who like to talk all the time. They have a lot to say, and they know what to say and when to say it. They are the masters of communication and they know how to get their message right to the person concerned.

They also like to participate in interesting debates.

2- Energetics
They are known for their energy and ingenuity. They manage to stay young even when they are older in age.

It seems on occasions that they are covered in tasks, but they are excellent when it comes to performing multiple tasks simultaneously, so you can give them everything they know how to handle it.

3- Independent
If you are from Gemini, then you know that when you want something, do not sit and wait for it to happen, but you go for it. And with everything you have.

They are going to pursue their goals no matter what. If you accompany them, well, but they will not hesitate to continue on their own.

4- Friendly
They say that true friends can count on the fingers of one hand. Well, in the case of Gemini they do not settle for it, but they have lots of friends.

5- They know how to entertain
The authentic Gemini never ceases to amaze us. Even knowing him well, he will always come up with something we did not expect him to do.

His versatile personality will always surprise those around him, in each and every stage of life. Sometimes they end up being the center of the group, due to their ability to make people laugh and have fun with their great sense of humor.

6- They know how to adapt
They do not have problems to adapt to the rest. If you want to get together at night, there it will be. If it is a day, it will be too.

And if it’s about swimming with sharks in Indonesia next week, it will be there too.

7- Intellectuals
They have the happy ability to participate in any debate, be it from the color of the sky to politics and religion.

Their ability to see things from different angles allows them to move from one thought to the other in less than a heartbeat. They love to form debates about where they can get new ideas and information.

8- Generosity
If there is something that does not spare a Gemini is a gift. They are extremely generous, and they will not hesitate to spend every penny if that means getting what you expected for your birthday.

9- Lovely
Another of its many virtues is the ease they have to adapt to different circumstances. Their calm and positive attitude makes them irresistible for anyone who comes into contact with them.

They have a natural charm, charisma and social skills like no other.

10- Great seducers
At the time of love, they are not left behind. They bring out their gift of seduction that is innate to them.

Especially the men, who know what buttons to press exactly to get the attention of the woman in whom they put the eye.

11- Courteous and affectionate
While they are great seducers, that does not mean they can not be devotees they love. They are very faithful and give everything for love.

If you go out with someone of this sign, you will surely be enveloped in a sea of generosity, and they will spoil you by giving you all the tastes you may have.

12- Loyal
As they are faithful in love, they are also extremely loyal in their friendship.

While sometimes being a friend of a Gemini can mean something stormy due to his energetic temperament, they will always be there for you unconditionally, since they know very well where to put their priorities, and friendship is among the highest.

13- A Gemini will always make you laugh
If you have always wanted a funny relationship in which you can make jokes about each other in a loving way, you have everything in a Gemini. His quick wit and an amazing sense of humor will keep you laughing the whole time you are together. They are willing to act foolish and never take things too seriously. Since they are the soul of the party, they never hesitate to make a boring situation fun. If you want foolish laughter and humor, you will find all that and more in a Gemini!

14- Gemini are rare and interesting
Because they usually act in such unpredictable ways, they can sometimes be rare. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. His curiosity and his peculiarity are some of the things that people appreciate them. When a Gemini is near you, you will not get bored. Since they always have the disposition to be different and to question social norms, they are not afraid to follow their own path and act in an adventurous way. You will be fascinated by every aspect of Gemini.

15- They are brutally honest and do not soften things
A Gemini will never stop expressing the way he feels. They are not afraid to let their true emotions be evident. They are also firm in their position, so you will hear a little about what they think each time they come out. But this is not a bad thing. The strong opinions of a Gemini can broaden the perspective of the other people around him and make them more open-minded. They will never soften something to be condescending with your feelings and they will always tell you exactly what you need to hear.

16- Gemini can be excellent leaders
Since they are curious people by nature, they love to hear about your problems. This also means that they can help you with those problems. They love being leaders when they have to be. If you need advice or instruction in life, all you need is the opinion of a Gemini. They will gladly guide you to the indicated path if you are willing to open up with them about what is happening to you.

17- Gemini are very intelligent
Since they are such curious beings, they are informed of a variety of topics. You will think that they have a photographic memory by the way they remember and store information on any topic you want to discuss. Although your knowledge can be overwhelming, it can also be interesting to rummage through your brains to learn more about certain things you may not understand. They are also very talented, which means they have a range of hobbies that most people simply do not have. If you are looking for a friend to teach you a new trade, a Gemini is your best bet.

18- The Gemini are very understanding with their friends
If you are looking for some words of encouragement, a Gemini can give them to you. They are sympathetic and compassionate people, which implies that they really care about you and your feelings. They always want to be sure that everyone around them is fine and they will be that person who will look for you when you start to isolate yourself or show signs of sadness. They are also good at giving advice, so they will know what to say to make you feel better about the situation you are going through.

19- Gemini are excellent at keeping a conversation
If it ever happens that you stay for hours in a conversation with an unknown person at a party, it is very likely to be a Gemini. Their enormous knowledge of diverse subjects makes them excellent conversationalists and their curiosity means that they want to get to know all the people with whom they interact, even strangers at parties. They will be those people that will make you confess your darkest secrets. Although, because they are also intelligent, a Gemini is your best option if you want to have a deep and philosophical conversation.

20- They are excellent friends
Because they are so compassionate and empathetic, they become one of the best friends you can have. Its curious nature also implies that both could get into many adventures together. If you are looking for fun, you will find it with a Gemini. They love to travel and have discussions, which means you will have endless fun if you decide to stay close. Their open mind also implies that they dare to do things that other signs would not normally dare to do.

21- The Gemini are deeply loyal
Not only are they fun friends, but they are also loyal. If you need someone to take you home after a hard night, you can count on a Gemini for that occasion. Gemini is the kind of friend that will be there for you whenever you need it. Never hesitate to have a Gemini to help you solve your problems. Since they are not jealous people and are quite independent, they will be able to maintain separate lives without losing contact. Your loyalty is forever, so once you have confidence with a Gemini, you will not lose it.

22- They are practical
Because Gemini are creative, but also intelligent, they will have the best solution for your problems. They are realistic without exaggerating too much. This means that not only will they help you solve your problems and prevent them from happening again, but they will have the best methods to solve that problem that is affecting you. They do not allow their free spirit and emotions to get in the way of being practical.

The free spirit of a Gemini makes them one of the funniest people to be with. Their ability to venture and have discussions on philosophical issues can make them more interesting than the rest. But their strong loyalty and practicality are what will make you want to be with them forever. Are you a Gemini? If so, do you think these characteristics represent you? Tell us about the other reasons that make Gemini the best sign of the zodiac, and do not forget to share this with all your friends


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