Today Horoscope Predictions 21 April 2017

Check the 21 April 2017 today’s best horoscope predictions of all signs.

The mighty Sun moves today to your house of the zodiac that rules money. Your attention now turns to everything you value. Good time to put any economic plan into action. Every money transaction will now be more elaborate but at the same time better planned. Lucky numbers: 41, 34, 18
The Sun enters your first house, filling you with lots of positive energy. You are in a very favorable position to express your point of view to other people. You will feel very motivated to try harder to achieve your dreams. You will be extremely active and attractive, Taurus. Numbers of luck: 22, 6, 35
Everything related to the spiritual or religious world takes strength for you with the entrance of the Sun in your twelve house. Take from your inside everything that bothers you or that you dare not express. Say without fear what you have to say since it is worse than not express yourself. Lucky numbers: 5, 17, 12
Young people enter your life injecting yourself with new ideas that you can easily adapt to your work or your daily life. You will demand more by realizing your plans. Your communication is activated and you can express yourself in an effective way to those who work with you. Lucky numbers: 1, 14, 19
The Sun, your ruling planet, moves to your house ten and urges you to make plans related to your work or profession as well as talk to your bosses and ask for that increase for your good work. Think well if what you are carrying out, is what you really like to do. Numbers of luck: 22, 6, 43
The energy of the Sun urges you to travel. What you carry out now will be closely related to travel abroad as you seek to expand your horizons and possibilities through them. The intellectual is exalted for you, so you will engage in groups of readers or seminars. Lucky numbers: 8, 30, 2
The powerful Sun moves today to your eighth house of the Zodiac, which has to do with transformation and change, to bring out the hidden aspects of your life. Take advantage to bring all internal conflict to light. Look inside yourself for the answers to your troubles, Libra. Numbers of luck: 11, 29, 1
Your word today will be direct, sincere, but not offensive. You will be careful not to hurt the feelings of other people and this will lead you to win the hearts of many. The Sun emphasizes favorably everything that is union, companionship and friendship. Resolve that which has remained unfinished. Lucky numbers: 45, 3, 15
You will now be very anxious for everything to come out exactly as you have planned it. Be careful not to criticize other people especially if they work with you because you will be focused on the details, which will lead you to demand a lot from others, as well as yourself. Numbers of luck: 10, 17, 2
You will carry out plans together throughout the day. Your thoughts and words are well tuned so you will not leave room for mistakes when communicating. Excellent time to get involved in humanitarian aid activities. Lucky numbers: 13, 44, 20
The Sun enters your fourth home today so take advantage and pay more attention to your family life and carry out plans to improve the relationships between your loved ones. It is time to put your thoughts in order and give priority to what is really important in your life, Aquarius. Lucky numbers: 25, 1, 33
Every short trip is well expected now that the energy of the Sun spills over your third house, that of communication, so that your word will have much power. You will engage in conversations and very interesting activities with friends or co-workers. Lucky numbers: 50, 28, 6


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