25 amazing and strange things about our body

Curiosities and facts about the human body that will surprise you

Our body is a complex apparatus with millions of cells, veins, bones, organs that have and do incredible things that most of us do not know. We tell you some of the most curious and interesting.

unique features of human body

1. We have 10 trillion cells in our body, which are constantly being renewed. Each day we produce 300,000 new cells.

2. The largest cells we have are the ovules and the smallest are the spermatozoa. Women have 500,000 ova in the ovaries.

3. Spermatozoa: men make 10 million sperm daily. With that amount of sperm, in six months the soil could be repopulated.

4. The tongue: it is the strongest muscle we have, it is composed of 16 individual muscles. The reason is that we have it all day exercising: talking, swallowing, singing, screaming, salivating.

5. Bones: The strongest and most difficult bone to break from our body is the jaw. The bones of our body are as strong as granite. A bone the size of a eraser can support up to 9 tons of weight.

6. The papadeo: it blinks about 13 times a minute and women blink 2 times more than men.

7. Wax of the ears: when we are afraid we secrete more wax than in normal conditions.

8. El Sabor: Did you know that from the age of 60 we lose the taste?

9. The feet produce 1 liter of sweat a day, because they are formed by 500,000 sweat glands. Men sweat more than women, because their glands are larger.

10. Walk: We usually move 200 muscles to take a single step.

11. Urine: 75% of solid foods we eat become water and we eliminate them through the urine.

12. The gestures: for a simple smile, we need to move 17 muscles and if we sulk and frown, we are moving 43. The advantage is that we raise the mood.

13. Smell: women have a more developed sense of smell than men, they smell a scent or smell before, and they identify it better.

We are able to remember 50,000 different smells. The beings that smell the most are the dogs, which can recognize many more: 1 million smells.

14. The heart: of women beats faster than men. The reason is that women’s hearts are smaller and have to beat more times. They also respond differently when it comes to being treated when a heart problem arises.

15. Teeth: they are the only ones not to be regenerated or repaired when they are broken. The reason is given because they are covered by enamel, which is not living tissue, therefore can not do so.

16. Tears: Men are the only living beings to cry. There is no animal that does it.

17. The eyes: not only change with the light. Our pupils dilate when we are before someone we love or hate.

18. Lungs: have different size. The left lung is smaller than the right lung, to leave room for the heart.

19. The height: we are higher in the morning than at night. The reason is that in sleep we relax and stretch and instead during the day, with all the activity we do, the intervertebral distance decreases and the vertebrae are compressed.

20. Lumbar: Did you know that fear makes our lower back hurt? This is because we contract the back, which is the support of our body and our emotions.

21. The thumb of any hand measures the same as the nose of the same body.

22. The stomach: hydrochloric acid or gastric acids, are responsible for dissolving food, so we can digest them, but are so strong that could dissolve razor blades. Therefore, every 4 days we renew the mucosa of the walls of our stomach.

23. Burn fat: Men burn more fat and faster than women. They burn 50 cal./day more than women.

24. Gases or fatulencias: we all have them, but some more and some less. In fact they are necessary to evacuate our body of certain gases that produce certain foods during their digestion. Some 14 gases / day are released.

25. Be right-handed or left-handed: the difference is 9 years or so of life. It is proven that right-handers live 9 years longer than left-handers. The reason is nothing other than accidents at work. All the machinery is designed for right-handed people and causes accidents in left-handed operators.

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.