4 Yoga poses for those who spend too many hours sitting

4 yoga postures ideal for people who spend long hours sitting

Working in front of a computer for long hours usually bends our back forward and worsen our posture. This can cause really annoying tension in our neck and back resulting in constant wear, both physical and energetic.

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Fortunately for us, the act of taking a moment in the office to stretch and align the spine can help us correct that bad posture as well as improve our knowledge and sensitivity of the inside of the body.

Use these postures when you feel that your posture begins to bend, so you can work (and live) with less muscle tension and greater freedom.

1.- Spine and Shoulder Stretch

Extend your arms forward and interlacing the fingers of the hands in front of the chest. Exhale as you turn your palms up and stretch your arms over your head. Hold your posture for 5 breaths, release your fingers and return to a comfortable, relaxed posture.

2.- Prayer with turn on a chair

Sit straight on the end of a chair with your feet apart at waist level.

As you exhale, turn the body to the right until you rest your left elbow on your right knee, and bring both hands together at chest level.
Hold for 5 breaths. Then inhale as you return to the initial posture and repeat the process to the other side.

3.- Porter style column stretch

Sit straight on the end of a chair with your feet apart at waist level.

Open your arms to the sides with your elbows bent at 90 degrees and your toes pointing at the sky. As you inhale, it expands and raises the rib cage, and as exhales brings the arms back. Complete 5 breaths and release.

4.- Posture of table up with chair

Sit straight on the end of a chair with your feet apart at waist level.
Bring your arms back and grasp the back of the seat with your hands. With your elbows bent and your head always up, expand your chest up and back as you inhale.
Hold for 5 breaths and release.

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