8 health problems that women should not ignore

As women, we sometimes go through health problems simply because of our body type and organism. Some of these problems manifest themselves in a simple way and we tend to ignore them because we believe they are not so serious. However, even if they are small and do not take you directly to the hospital, you should worry a little more about them.

unhealthy woman feeling pain

1. Constant back pain

Back pain may be due to factors such as bust size and weight, stress, pregnancy, anxiety, poor posture, among other things. If you want to decrease or avoid the pain you can do it through exercise and yoga. If it does not work, then go to the doctor to tell you what you can do.

2. Foreign color in the urine

The color of your urine and its variations are usually due to the medications you take, the food you eat, and also to dehydration. When it comes to infections the best thing you can do is try to consume lots of water and improve your diet. However, if the color does not become normal, then you’d better go to the doctor for a urine test.

When you have urinary tract infections, you can also choose to drink chamomile or cranberry water and thus decrease, for example, the onset of cystitis.

3. Irregular periods

Many women often have irregular periods and the causes can be very simple. From the consumption of birth control pills to diets or stress. None is synonymous with alarm. However, when this is already constant and you lose too much regularity in your periods, then it is time to go to your gynecologist. Do not let it pass.

4. Feeling a lump in your breast

Or a strong pain. Sometimes we may feel a small lump in the breast, but it does not always mean that you have breast cancer. Still, it is important that you go to the doctor and get out of doubt. Remember to check yourself constantly and see if there are any changes.

5. Abnormal discharge

The secreted fluids as a way to lubricate and self-cleanse. When you notice that fluid, which is usually white or transparent (depending on your fertile stage), changes color or odor, it is probably due to some infection. The same if you see blood stains on your underwear if it is not your period yet. If you notice these changes and you feel pain, then go to the doctor.

6. Sleeping problems

Tiredness is one of the constant problems that many often have due to the hectic pace of life. However, when you have trouble sleeping, there is something in your routine that is not right. Sleeping is an essential thing that should be done daily without exception and always respecting a number of hours that should be rested. When you do not sleep enough you are likely to develop health problems, of which weight gain is the most notorious. Go to the doctor and see what you can do to improve your sleep habit. The best thing is to avoid eating too late or too much sleep.

7. A fever and constant headache

The body uses as an alarm mechanism the pain. Therefore every time something goes wrong in your body you will feel pain. The same thing happens with your head.

When you have a fever it is a symptom that something in your health is wrong, especially if the fever is constant and high. It could be a serious infection and it is absolutely necessary that you go to the doctor for examination.

8. Respiratory problems

Respiratory distress can be due, to a large extent, to obesity or stress, but also to excessive exercise and low water consumption. However, there are also diseases such as asthma or bronchitis that can cause you problems breathing and in that case, you should seek medical help.

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