97 Big Technology Companies Face Trump and Anti-Immigration Executive Order

Major Technology Companies Face Trump and Anti-Immigration Executive Order

A few days ago Trump issued a new executive order banning the entry into the United States of citizens of seven countries in the Middle East.

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That order has caused a riot among technological companies, many of which have been hiring citizens from these and many other countries to take advantage of the talent that these professionals offer. Intel, Google, Microsoft and Apple have joined 93 other companies to sign an amicus brief, a report in which all of them defend arguments against that executive order.

A controversial executive order that has too many negative consequences

Not long ago we lived a similar situation: in the case of Apple against the FBI by the investigation into a terrorist attack numerous tech giants were allied to support the decision of the Cupertino company.

According to the new document signed by these 97 companies, “the Executive Order abandons the principles of tolerance, equality and openness, and inflicts significant damage to American business, innovation and growth as a result.” The outcome of these lawsuits had an immediate effect: the US District Judge. James Robart blocked that Executive Order, prompting the Department of Homeland Security to indicate that it was returning to procedures that worked before that Trump term.

That also had an expected effect: the Justice Department has already initiated the appeals process, and Donald Trump himself has gone to Twitter to point out that that sentence “is ridiculous and will be nullified.”

Experts point out that the comment of the current president of the United States could “poison the well” of future litigation. Jonahthan Turley, a legal expert on the subject on Reuters, explained that “it is difficult for the president to demand that the court respect its inherent authority when he is insulting the inherent authority of the judiciary.”

The 97 companies explain in their report how that Trump decision will make it more difficult and expensive for US companies to hire some of the best talent in the world and will prevent them from competing in the global marketplace. In fact it could also have another side effect, added the signatories of the amicus brief: these actions “could be considered as hostile by other countries,” which would cause trade relations with many countries to be affected as well.

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