Amazing magical white noise helping baby to sleep

One of the home tips that every recent parent receives to calm the baby’s cry is that we approach a source of white noise, the other is that you put it in the car and take you for a walk in the neighborhood until Sleep, but let’s leave this last advice as a last resort.

But why does white noise calm some babies? It could be said that simply because it covers the rest of the noises and the fact is that it does not always work.

We call white noise to the one that occupies the whole spectrum audible by the human being. Let me see if I can make myself understood. Suppose an orchestra, when a violin plays a note, it vibrates at a certain frequency. Well, if we put the whole orchestra to play the same note but with small variations regarding the frequency of vibration we would have a white noise, very expensive, but white noise after all.

baby with mom after white noise

But why calm?

One of the things that not everyone knows is that it not only calms babies but also adults and there are even companies that are dedicated to selling albums with white noise custom for each customer.

The operation is simple, the white noise masks the rest of the noise and being a constant noise and without ups and downs, makes the brain calm down and can fall asleep. The same thing happens when we move house, it is difficult for us to fall asleep, not only because we are in a bed that is not ours, but because the environmental noises are not the ones we are used to hearing. When a noise wakes us up, it is not only because of the noise itself, but because there has been a disagreement in the ambient noise we are hearing.

The same happens to babies, but in a much more powerful way. When their brain is overexcited, by the crying itself, this noise causes in some cases to stop being heard by the masking effect produced by the white noises and thus can be calmed so that it is easier for them to fall asleep.
Is that why when you approach the appliances turned on, you calm down?

An appliance, with some type of rotor system, has the capacity of certain revolutions to cause a noise capable of covering a large part of the spectrum. That is why when we bring our children to the extractor hood or to a dryer they calm down. Another way to get white noises is with a radio, leaving the dial at a point where we do not tune in to any channel or also with the televisions, manually tune them until we can see the famous fog, it is cheap and we pay nothing.
The baby’s dream is one of the issues that most concern parents, not only because it is desperate not to get a baby to sleep and become irritable, but also because as a result parents are more tired and exhausted.

My baby has always been a light sleep and very short naps. Ever since newborn, that of making long naps has not gone with her. Currently, with 7 and a half months, he continues to do two naps a day and if they are more than half an hour is rare.

During these months we have gone through many phases. The baby’s dream is an evolutionary process and they need to adapt to each stage. Some children adapt faster and others cost more. Although it is true that she now conciliates the dream faster and seems to tolerate better the midnight awakenings, it was difficult for us to find a way to calm her at night.

One day we were advised to put it next to the kitchen extractor, or turn the dryer on. As I am a restless mind, I could not keep still and I searched because that kind of noise calms babies, and that’s what I come to share with you today. Today we have at our disposal a lot of information through the network, and I find it interesting to know and share the why of things.

The white noise at low intensity favors relaxation and sleep in people and for this reason is a good alternative when trying to get our baby to sleep.

When we speak of white noise we mean the sound coming from a TV channel that is not tuned (when we see snow), the noise of a dryer or the noise of the vacuum cleaner.

This sound also masks other unwanted external noises, causing the baby to not realize that a door is closed, the phone rings or the conversations of others.

It seems to be that the white noise quite resembles the sound of fluids flowing and generally into life within your mother’s uterus and therefore would help you to calm down.

Some studies have been done on this and it has been shown that babies who hear white noise are three times as likely to fall asleep than those who do not listen (well, I guess others also fall asleep, only that they may take longer).

And now you will ask: Where do I get the white noise?

Well, luckily white noise can be easily achieved with elements that we have at home. Let’s see:

We can start a small fan, an air purifier, air conditioning … The problem is that both fans and air conditioners are becoming more sophisticated and therefore generate less noise.

A cheap computer can also be a perfect white noise generator. I say cheap because fans usually make more noise than computers equipped with more sophisticated ventilation (or with liquid cooling). If the computer in question takes a longer time without being cleaned inside, surely the noise is more than acceptable.

We can also turn on a radio with speaker without tuned station and we will be able to enjoy hours and hours of white noise (to me it seems the best option … well, nice, cheap).

The vacuum cleaner, the dryer and the like also generate white noise, but it can be annoying to others and I do not think it’s a plan either to charge our appliances for “using” them too.

tune your radio on am. I do not know if the noise generated is white at all, but it works quite well for me to breathe as if I had asthma or some respiratory illness (or, in other words, as if I were fast asleep).
Not to exhaust the ideal is done with the mouth open and teeth closed (I do not know if I explain). That way we’ll get something like a whistling gasp similar to white noise.

You can also record an audio CD with one or more white noise tracks. In the same web page that I have put up you can download 30 wonderful seconds of white noise.
You will have to do a bit of audio editing to replicate the 30 seconds over and over again (to give the theme a little bit of duration).
You can also download an hour of rain and storm noise, which is not entirely white noise, but it can work.
Kia ap ka child apko raat ko aasani aur sakoon se so nahi pata. You can also use above amazing track for 8 hours full rest and calm white noise with the natural womb sounds if your baby has sleeping disorder and colic sleeplessness.

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.