Andy Rubin’s Essential Team ready to compete iPhone and Pixel

Andy Rubin is one of the great minds of this century. Android is what it is today thanks to this gentleman, and Google owes it even more, since it was Andy who helped the company grow and made Android become the most used mobile operating system in the world.

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As we all know, Andy left Google a little over two years ago, where the relationship was not very good and significantly affected the business, especially robotics, where he was one of the main drivers. Today after being out of the spotlight and a few rumors, Andy is back in the industry he helped create: smartphones.

Essential, the new smartphone that seeks to compete with iPhone and Pixel

I look at what is coming this year. According to information that has been accessed by Mark Gurman, Andy Rubin and a team of 40 people, including engineers and designers from Apple and Google, are preparing to announce ‘Essential’, a company that will be dedicated to the manufacture of smartphones of range high.

Andy will be the CEO of ‘Essential’ and among his range of products are expected smartphones, tablets, accessories, smart products, and eye, “mobile phone operating software.” This means that Andy returns to the load with a new operative that Will face its Android baby and of course iOS.

The key to such an operating system would be in the use of artificial intelligence, where Andy has been one of the big drivers, and who is sure that the next big change in the technology industry will be through AI.

To everyone’s surprise, Andy was present discreetly in the past CES 2017, where he had meetings with executives of technology companies and operators, who showed them the first prototype of his smartphone. This device, still unnamed, stood out for having a breakthrough design, with premium materials, and a large screen without frames that covered the entire front.

According to people who could see this smartphone, has a screen more than 5.5 inches, however, is not bigger than an iPhone 7 Plus, as the screen takes advantage of the front of the device. The screen is equipped with a kind of ‘3D Touch’ that allows identifying various levels of pressure, similar to what we have today with the iPhone.
This new smartphone would have a frameless screen that would span the entire front, plus modular technology, premium materials, and a new AI-based operating system.

The design of the device is based on a solid construction with metal edges and ceramic back. But the most interesting thing is that it has a special connector that will allow access to modules that would add additional functions, such as presented by Lenovo with the Moto Z. This connector would be part of a new development platform so that interested parties can create modules , And Andy is even said to have been introducing a spherical camera module to record HD content in 360 degrees.

The idea of Essential is to put on sale this phone during the second half of the year, which would have a high-end price close to $ 650, as the goal is to reach the high-end to compete against the iPhone and Pixel . Without a doubt an interesting bet that we will have to watch.

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