Apple Developers can never ask more than 3 times to value an app

Limit by Apple for the developers of Apps

Apple puts limits on developers, they will not be able to ask you to value your app more than three times a year.

Yesterday Apple released a new version of iOS 10.3 in beta format. This first beta brings many new features, but apart from that, there are new developments for developers too. And is that from now the developers will finally be able to answer the user reviews in their apps. Not only that, but the system is completely improved.

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Users had two main complaints about app pricing. The first one has to do with the convenience of doing so, you had to go to the App Store, find the app, give the button to write a review, fill a small form with all the answers and then re-verify your user To validate the review. Now everything is easier, you can evaluate directly without leaving the app through a popup.

They will be limited to three petitions a year to avoid abuse

On the other hand, many users have complained about abuse by developers asking you to value the app using pop-ups while you’re using the app or game. This is over, because from now on developers will only be able to ask you three times a year. So surely they will dose well these three requests to show you one per update or similar.

Of course this mediation is more than necessary. In many free apps and especially in games, it is unbearable the times that the developer asks for 5 stars in the App Store or a small comment. There are even apps and games that offer you extra bonuses to value the app or game in question. Be that as it may, one step further from the App Store to become the best app store.

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