Aquarius Daily Horoscope Friday 8th December 2017

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Friday 8th December 2017

There is good news for you, Aquarius. If you do not work in the street and your tasks are developed in your home, whether for a company or as a housewife or domestic servant this day you receive encouragement from those around you and at the end of your day you will be very satisfied. Soon you will receive money from a business on the radio, television or media. There is a favorable wave around you that is attracting prosperity to your life especially if you have to do with those activities. Chance is well sponsored on this Friday.

Brakes on your exchanges and communication frustrate you. Count only for yourself today. In spite of a tendency to think too much, you will keep the equilibrium by airing in the fresh air, literally as well as figuratively. Substantive discussions to be conducted without hesitation if you want to finish soon debates started in November, to your advantage! An older person helps you change your vision. Solutions will emerge, follow this track. Today your exchanges are constructive. In work as in private life, you find a listening and a help that seems to fall from the sky. You seem well on your way to success. Nothing is too beautiful.aquarius daily horoscope 8th december 2017

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Aquarius Love 8th December 2017
Pay attention to your hunches, guide yourself through your inspirations and deposit any sad or defeatist ideas that may cloud your happiness. You will take very firm steps in love and what you worried about will stop being a concern to become a memory, an anecdote to tell. Some small problems of the couple are to be feared. They will arise mainly because of differences of opinion on the education of children and the meaning that must be given to your ambitions. But all this will probably not result in consequence thanks to the good offices of the planet Saturn well place. Single, your rising charm will be of rare effectiveness. An important meeting could take place today. Above all, do not play the shy ones; It would be too bad to miss such a great opportunity!

Aquarius Health 8th December 2017
If you have felt discomfort in your abdomen, chest or torso in general and also in the spine this Friday you will be receiving very strong energetic touches that will help you recover your health if you do not exceed what you do. Of course, to persist consult your doctor. You will need to strengthen the natural defenses of your body. First by avoiding foods such as bread, sugar or flour, which can be mineralized. Beware of acidic vegetables and fruits: tomato, sorrel, grapefruit, lemon, raspberry, currant, etc. In contrast, consume green vegetables cooked in two drinks of water and sprinkle with wheat germ. Also, put a lot of parsley in your preparations.

Aquarius Work 8th December 2017
A person that you have not seen in a long time will approach you with an idea which can be successful in your job. If you do not have a job, it is a good opportunity to explore that work avenue and even accept it as a good extra activity. The next weekend will be promising and will be even better as the final days of the year approach. Persevering, you will strive to achieve your professional goals. Nevertheless, you can make mistakes in judgment and not make the right decisions. So be careful!

Aquarius Luck and Money 8th December 2017
Do you plan to go shopping? This is an excellent day because you have a clear mental attitude and a sense of adequate saving and concentration. If you are going to make some kind of important investment or visit the stores, you will find offers and you will save money, something that always suits you, Aquarius. With the influence of several benevolent stars, think, this time, to invest. Get advice. You could find a new source of income. This is even likely to radically upset but fortunately your present situation. To play misanthropic so much, you can exhaust your reserves without realizing it, be careful, without feeling guilty.

Family Issues Predictions
Your family life will be at times a little too intrusive! Your family, parents, and children especially, will need you, your presence, your attention, your advice. And you will only ask to meet their expectations! The trouble is that you run out of time to devote yourself to your personal life as you wish. Let your charm act, leave nothing to chance. To seize the opportunities that the stars offer, it is your great challenge of this day. A power of seduction at the top, you arouse sympathy. Use and abuse this without moderation!

Social Life and Friends
Excellent, for you, this astral movement. Saturn will multiply your intellectual curiosity and lucidity. Only weak point: travel; They will be disadvantaged, subject to delays or setbacks. You will feel disconnected from your professional life, you will be able to think about it with a positive perspective. You are able to adapt with disconcerting ease to an environment that is known or unknown. Your loved ones are admiring. Today, despite an overloaded schedule, you multiply the obligatory tasks of everyday life, you manage to channel your weekly horoscope predictionsmy monthly horoscope predictions