Aquarius Daily Horoscope Friday May 20th 2022

This day you will feel self-disciplined, your serious emotions may come from taking on a high level of responsibility at home growing up. This aspect indicates loyalty to and from family, respect for women, and good self-discipline.

This appreciation of your roots may lead you to an interest in your family tree or in historical issues relating to the family. These are the conditions generated by the Moon trine to Saturn.


This would be a good time to learn more about how astrology affects your life and the world in general. You are more in touch with the subtle vibrational energies that influence our lives. It is the effect that Mars trine Neptune generates on you.

Courteous, social, affectionate, pleasant, understanding, warm-hearted, fine-mannered, and with many friends. As for conjugal relations, with this aspect, you enjoy a good domestic life, you love your home and your children if you have them.

The transit of the Sun trine to Pluto brings intense and profound experiences. Whatever your interest is at the moment, you will be driven to investigate the inner workings to gain a full understanding of the subject. You will have greater power and influence over your own life, allowing positive transformations. You can also exercise this power over life events and the people around you.

If you’ve taken a few risks to maintain your financial course, it’s time for both results and the settlement of the last little problems that arise here and there. But these are just details. Wait a little all the same before sleeping on your two ears! It’s the last straight line, and it wouldn’t be a grain of sand coming to stop everything you’ve put in place.


The passage of Cancer in your 5th house generates energy for you to see love very seriously, this aspect is the most appropriate to establish a long-term relationship. Sensitivity is one of your best qualities, therefore, you are ultra-loving for now, unconditional protector, very detail-oriented, capable of pampering the person you love.

You who have a penchant for traditional values ​​and all that has proven itself, at the moment you are nevertheless a real actor of progress. You may be testing new tools, new techniques, new concepts and you let yourself be seduced… Today, a little feedback on the initial objective of your new experiments wouldn’t hurt you.


Due to the passage of Leo in your 6th house, it is possible that the heart manifests itself, it is important not to take things so seriously, leave aside the intensity with which you manage your life and think a little more about yourself. Let go of problems and stop solving the lives of the people around you. Remember that each day that passes is one less opportunity for you.

Expect to meditate a little on your life today… Given the astral climate of the last few months, it would be legitimate for you to improve things a little. For example, you could see if it is not possible to give you the means to change horizons, for example to travel or more simply to rest to restore your health.


By now you are good at paying attention to details, problem solving, and strategizing. You tend to lean toward excesses, impracticalities, and inconsistencies in your personal life. It is the energy of the Moon in the sign of Pisces.

A job offer could well see the light of day! Perhaps something that would leave you a little less free to move at first, but later on could prove very promising in terms of career progression. If you want to stay in your usual activity, make sure to help those around you.

Money and Luck

Pisces in your house 2 makes you lucky in money, you have a lot of intuition and it comes to you very easily, but you must be careful because it can just as easily go away, because people take advantage of your kindness to get what they want.

It’s a good day to consider new strategies in your business. You think long-term because you feel that your success is time-bound. If you are creating a company, bring together your partners or the members of the board of directors. If you plan to market your services, you need to think about where you want to be in 4 or 5 years in your market. You are on the right track, hang in there!

Aquarius Tomorrow’s Horoscope 

You could well be among those who will lay the first stones of our future. The position of the planets today speaks of setting up what will be the future by concrete acts. You who are the chief producer of the zodiac, the one who gives substance to the projects, you may be the one who will be called upon to get down to business.