Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 31st March 2022

You are already a sign that always stands out for its originality and independence; With the presence of Fortune, Jupiter, and your ruling planet Saturn within your ascendant, you will be exceeding yourself in charisma and creativity that people will be able to appreciate and value in you, being someone very magnetic and interesting.

The achievements that have cost you so much to achieve could be making you somewhat sentimental or nostalgic when you see them in perspective with what is now your life and the goals you are now seeking because the Moon in Scorpio will make you strongly inspect your deepest emotions in these matters to understand what you are now looking for and how those achievements can push you to achieve it.aquarius daily horoscope today thursday 31st march 2022

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 31st March 2022

You will be asking for a lot of attention from your partner, a lot of affection, and that your love needs to be satisfied because Leo is shining intensely in the 7th house; This if your partner gives it to you, will be something wonderful for you, but do not forget to be reciprocal so that on future occasions you can continue enjoying these beautiful attentions. You will be especially adept at making people feel better today through your sweet and kind language because Venus in your 3rd house will be giving you a lot of grace and elegance when you speak and you will fill the people you love with flattery and sweetness through good words and giving them excellent gifts.

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Today you will give some philosophical advice to someone. You are often a deep thinker and can sometimes see patterns of behavior that others miss. If a friend is in trouble, you will offer helpful insight into the situation. You will make a parallelism with facts of your own life. Do not be afraid to share some personal anecdotes if they are helpful!

It is by being yourself, true to your values that you will have the best day ever, don’t listen to just anyone. The balance is more within your reach, you take the time before acting and you succeed… Your morale is the source. Your rigor and your dynamism will allow you to act constructively. Take the opportunity to focus on what is in progress, finish what you have started, and also start new projects that are important to you.

You will be somewhat selfish, to put it in some way; Well, you will be thinking about pampering yourself and giving yourself a lot of love and attention; today will be a day of self-love sponsored by the energy of Leo is the 7th house that, more than feeling love for others, will make you feel a lot of love for yourself that others will be able to perceive and feel attracted to.

It seems that the air is heavy with romantic notions regarding your friendships. You may suddenly see an old friend in a new light, as a potential partner. A group you belong to may seem like the solution to all your problems, and you may suddenly be convinced that you have the most wonderful friends in the world. This situation can be great, as long as you don’t start thinking that everyone is perfect!

Good news for the natives of the sign: Venus is on your side and allows you to approach this day with ardor in the field of feelings. Under its influence, you could show yourself in a whole new light to your partner. More adventurous and reckless than usual, you are not afraid to express your desires. If you are single, this will also be reflected in more boldness. However, you will have to manage to sort out your potential conquests.

Beware of hidden defects or underhanded maneuvers. Apart from this little warning, it’s baraka! You radiate and take advantage of the good planetary vibrations: love, joie de vivre, and carelessness, the honey of life! As a couple: You combine the intensity of your feelings with romanticism to establish a fulfilling relationship. You soften your demands. The current is going well and you bring sensuality to your exchanges, nothing seems inaccessible to you. Single: You color your exchanges with a new eroticism, your most serious contacts thus take on the appearance of seduction. Eyes follow you without ambiguity: you are wanted, you do what is expected of you and you are very cooperative.

It is a good time to check the health of your chest, the part of the body that governs Cancer, the sign that is in your house 6. In addition, emotions are part of this sign and you can walk a bit in the doldrums due to some problem of this nature so it is good that you inspect yourself internally and discard those negative emotions before they transform into something more delicate. To your surprise, you will be led on original paths thanks to a volunteer reporting opportunity by your fine skills in a particular field. You feel that the impossible nestles within reach, like combining work and leisure.

Your sixth sense is not wrong, always trust your intuition. You will establish a fantastic relationship that will allow you to formulate the plan you have in mind. Focus on aspects that identify with you and your moral principles. You will not have to make an effort to look for the answer, because it is right in front of you.

You have your back full, in the literal sense! Mistreated at work, misunderstood at home, your lower back will suffer. The presence of Venus in your sky makes you particularly susceptible to back problems. Start by adopting the right reflexes by not carrying heavy loads and avoiding bending over. Avoid practicing violent sports, prefer to put on a swimsuit to do a few lengths of backstroke in the pool. And if you don’t like water, consider yoga.

Your great inventiveness and creativity will allow you to implement very modern systems that will connect you with many kinds of people around the world without having to leave your home; This is due to the homely energy of Cancer in your 6th house that all the services you can provide through online systems will be very favorable for you. Your flair and your insight are doubled, many parameters have to be taken into consideration and you do it better than anyone. Your professional entourage salutes your way of acting.

Today you may feel a desire for independence. Why not check whether or not it is practical to do your work from home? If you work in an office that doesn’t require constant contact or communication with other people, you may be able to work one or two days a week from your home office. Some companies have a special policy for their employees, so see if you can meet their needs. You’ll enjoy the freedom of working in a robe and slippers from time to time.

Dive deep into the ocean of your emotions and you will be able to fish from there an idea that could be useful to be marketed; It is empathy and the search to offer a service that helps and is needed in your community, an excellent way to materialize a better economy. A friendly climate reigns within the framework of your finances, it is time to tighten the good alliances. One of your relatives will initiate a rapprochement and offer you new projects to build. Your patience is starting to pay off.

It is likely that in a meeting or group a series of mysteries will come to light. Jack the Ripper, the Black Dahlia, the truth about OJ Simpson, and other intriguing topics could captivate the interest of those present, thus generating a lively debate about possible outcomes. Make a mental note of the ideas expressed. Since they could give you a better idea of the person who proposes them.

You are bored with your work, to put it mildly, you are wasting away. It may be time to interrogate you. Skills assessment, professional retraining, job fair, explore all the possibilities available to you. Do not neglect the old networks, an old acquaintance could soon resurface in your life. Perhaps the key to breathing new life into your career? Uranus brings you to change, follow the thread of your inspiration.

Family and Friends
The presence of Saturn in your Heaven accentuates your capacity for analysis and structures your ideas. That’s good because you will need it in the family domain: you will indeed have to settle a major conflict between your children. Helped by this structuring planet, you will find a solution quite easily. Better still, this controlled clash will open the doors to a more peaceful and fulfilled relationship with (and between) your children. To prevent these kinds of arguments from happening too often, make a point with all the members of your family.

You will be tempted to redo everything in your house or apartment. The idea is not bad because a better daily environment is likely to improve mood and behavior. Bear in mind, however, that in some cases the best can be the enemy of the good, especially if this best is acquired at the cost of new worries or opens the way to new needs.

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