Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 13th November 2020

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 13th November 2020

This Friday of the full moon your ruler Uranus is precisely in a trine with the South Node of the Moon, a very favorable aspect of 120 degrees that helps to offset the balance that has been somewhat unbalanced with the influence of Uranus, your ruler, retrograde. Your sentimental horizons are expanding in this final cycle of the year. Little by little you will be recovering the balance that you may have lost in an unexpected emotional situation. Now your affective reality is at a kind of crossroads because in front of your options will be presented that will drive you to make quick decisions, and you feel the effluvia of the change that is about to happen in your life. Today your energy and enthusiasm for life will operate at very high levels. Therefore you will need to meet up with some friends and organize an unexpected social gathering. Your mind will be busy for a long time with exciting and stimulating new conversations. At some point, you will want to remove some physical energy, whether by taking a short walk or doing a workout.

Do not go blind beating and making foolish and crazy decisions. If you want to achieve a goal, the first thing is to draw up a plan and follow it to the letter. You can improvise if unexpected things happen, but not leave such an important issue to chance. Find time to analyze and determine the steps you have to take to start your life project. In the sentimental field, if the person who is next to you tries to put certain conditions to continue with you, it does not seem the most suitable partner. On the other hand, you are close to someone who may today express her feelings to you in a veiled way. Anyway, assess the situation well and think twice before deciding in any sense. Sometimes a candid conversation and new opportunity work miracles.aquarius daily horoscope 13th november 2020

With the trill of the Moon and Uranus, this full moon day surrounds you with the tone of an Aquarian mental surprise because these days you will be amazed when listening to confidences, revelations, and secrets of a sentimental nature that you had not even thought to hear. You are in the wave of recent love or the one to come in the final weeks of the year.

Today is a good day to feel comfortable at home and gather your loved ones. Invite them to your house in the afternoon or evening to spend some time together. There could be some minor inconveniences, like your children or nephews fighting over toys. But overall it will be a nice time and you will enjoy the meeting. It will be a good day to get caught up in the family news.

You are listening to yourself and you decide to stop letting chance write your love life. In a Relationship, you take your partner’s desires into account and you stop seeing them as an obstacle to your freedom while succeeding yourself in communicating your desires to your loved one. A peaceful discussion will allow you to take stock. Single, you distinguish between your different desires and set yourself a clear course, in line with your ideals.

If you are one of the Aquarians who suffer from emotional disorders, this period will be balanced, but remember, this type of condition does not resolve itself, it needs therapy, professional help, and will on your part.

Today you will be in an adventurous mood. You may want to go out on a day trip. It will be good for you to get out of the city a bit and change the landscape. Invite your girlfriend for a ride. Go somewhere inspiring and have a romantic moment together. Break the monotony and do something different. It might be time to do some crazy things!

Do not give in to the influence of Uranus which could lead you to excess. You could encounter some small health problems resulting from overflows on your part. Do not be imprudent and spare yourself until the appearance of a more favorable astral climate. The natives of the first decan should be particularly attentive when practicing physical activity. A minor injury could indeed occur and prevent them from participating in an event long planned.

The news is good for Aquarians who are looking for employment as it will come as a result of today’s full moon and the positive effects of Mercury and Venus, especially after the 20th when there is a direct transit.

Take your time? You can expect to see more clearly certain aspects related to the direction your life is taking, although, unfortunately, other aspects are as blurry as ever. You are in the process of important interior transformations and it is not always easy. You will have to tolerate feelings of loss and instability for a while. In the end, you will receive the blessings for having made it through this difficult period

Money and Luck
A good astral cycle in terms of money since the Moon in opposition in the sign where your ruler Uranus is, activates your sixth sense helping you to define what you must do to channel your energy in an appropriate way within your economic reality in these last weeks of the year.

It is possible that today your intuition is sharper than normal and that you have an easier time capturing the thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires of those around you and to give them what they need without being asked. You can also have some artistic inspiration, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself creating something very special, be it a painting, music, poetry, or whatever. Enjoy the day.

Instead of making a four-dimensional movie of the questions and the answers, why not go straight to the root of the problem? Trust yourself, you are perfectly capable of handling the situation. Avoid risky shortcuts. Forget about intermediaries who could make the situation worse. Plot your course without letting yourself be stunned by the negative. You would have everything to gain there, especially in terms of the respectability of your professional circle.

Family and Friends
Your friends and family circle could be a real source of stress today. Pay particular attention to your family, who will tend to ask a little too much of you. If you do not feel able to meet their expectations, it is better to postpone until tomorrow rather than risk a disaster. Indeed, the influence of the Moon in your sky indicates a need for intimacy as well as difficulties of concentration. Take a break, refocus on yourself, your loved ones will understand.

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