Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 22nd October 2021

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 22nd October 2021

Check Aquarius daily horoscope for Friday, October 22nd, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. You do everything you can to make things balanced, prosperous, and full of harmony, this is how the Moon exerts its best increasing luminosity, making things much more compatible for you today and forever.

Being curious has never killed anyone, but if you can avoid it, it is better. That is the energy of Mercury that indicates that its retrograde stage warns you that not always being attentive to everything will give you an advantage over those who are your competition. So better the calm comes and you let things flow like the air that protects you.aquarius daily horoscope for today friday 22nd october, 2021

Good emotional streaks begin and for this, you will stay tuned. Always being on the lookout for everything makes you much smarter than others. It is one of your highest qualities, take advantage of them, that indicates the rulership of Capricorn.

Why continue to fight a fight that you know you won’t win? Why try to make others and yourself believe that you have all the answers when you only know the tip of the iceberg? Right now, most of the knowledge lies beneath the surface. Instead of fighting, give up. At this point, others will be more willing to satisfy your thirst for the truth of the situation. Listening is the key for you.

Your ramage is revealed as magnetic and bewitching as your plumage, the sky does not cease to highlight your aura of a great speaker and irresistible seducer. Know how to take advantage of it without becoming arrogant. The full moon promotes communication and the resumption of debates! Go! Your energy and your fighting spirit allow you to solve practical problems.

Going forward will give you satisfaction! In addition, it is with good humor and joie de vivre that you take the initiative to get closer to your friends or your partner. Your go-getter character allows you to change a lot of things in your life as a couple. This time, your temper is not doing you a disservice, on the contrary, you should take advantage of this great opportunity that is offered to you.

With high probabilities, you would be influenced by Jupiter in its sextile aspect with Neptune, which together would be making you make the best decisions for yourself and others. Possibly some trust you too much, so that you make decisions for them. Exercise that responsibility with pride because you have the skills to do so.

Today you will spend the day marching on the balls of your feet to avoid attracting attention. As you may have already noticed, the environment is electric and the people around you are not at their best. Tensions, stress, conflicts, etc. The best thing you can do is hide and let the others unload all those bad vibes between them. Come out only when the storm has passed!

Mars has entered your astral system. This planet will bring out your anxieties and your doubts if you are in a relationship. You will have to be careful not to hurt your partner if you decide to express your pain. No matter what, he will always be there for you and lend you his shoulder if you need to cry. Steamy and sensual encounters are to be expected if you are single. Put yourself on your 31st. If this kind of relationship isn’t your cup of tea, skip your turn this time!

If possible, with the corresponding safety measures, swimming will be one of the best therapies to remove everything that puts you under stress. Also, walking twenty minutes a day strengthens your heart. Include in your diet a blue wood tea, you will find it online and it will help your kidneys, liver, and pancreas to enter into purification.

Sometimes you find yourself so busy taking care of others that you forget yourself! Today you will feel overwhelmed by all the obligations that you have. Try to be honest with yourself and see if you can cut back on some activities. Maybe your kids don’t need to do so many after-school activities. Or you can spend your evenings and weekends lounging instead of running as you do.

Your health record looks a bit pale and so does your complexion. If in addition, a few seconds of running to catch the metro or climb a few steps are enough to give you shortness of breath and palpation, that’s the pompom! A supply of minerals like iron will undoubtedly have almost miraculous effects on your form. Fortunately, eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean eating bland. You are spoiled for choice, from the classic “spaghetti bolognaise” to the explosion of flavors of a roasted rabbit with candied lemons and prunes.

Money and Luck
Be flexible to mobilize your money, although suddenly you have some questions about how to do it, you will get the right people to guide you in the best way to carry it out. For now, you can exercise the following recipe, wrap it in a glass vase, with the yellow wax, with a bill of the denomination you want, turn it on at midnight and you will see good results soon.

Due to planetary energies, your energy will be through the roof. But it is not a reason for you to be intimidated! Others will be in such a state of mind that they will have no qualms about speaking their minds, however cruel it may seem. But you will find out valuable information. Don’t be surprised if you discover someone’s dirty laundry. With your good judgment, you will have no trouble determining what information is reliable and what information is not.

You have the right impulses to succeed in your business and to gather capital that will be very useful for you to invest in projects that pay big. It is with great daring that you manage to convince your interlocutors at this time. You have undeniable managerial skills, if you take the lead of an intervention in the field or of a team, it is positive. In all critical situations, you have the art and the know-how to apply the right method.

Focus on being a much more precise person, you have done well so far and although you do not receive constant praise, Capricorn would give you the necessary wisdom to avoid getting attached to situations that do not serve you.

It is time to think about some kind of evolution in your career if you haven’t already done something. No more excuses. It would be great if you took advantage of your university studies that cost you so much effort, or all that it cost you to prepare for the job market. The ideal job is out there waiting for you, all you have to do is know how to search. Be very vigilant, because the opportunity may be knocking on your door.

You’ve been waiting for it for months without really believing it. And yet, here you are in an idyllic situation. Even your dream comrade, Morpheus, could not have imagined it. And yet, Jupiter’s magic wand has made this project that is so dear to your heart a reality. Now, don’t make any concessions, it’s your turn to play. Otherwise, someone might cut the rug out from under you. After all the ground covered, admit that it would be a shame!

Family and Friends
You give your trust quite naturally regardless of the caveats. The presence of Mercury in your environment reveals the irruption of a double being in your surroundings. To your indulgence, you do not perceive the ambiguous language of one of your relatives who blow on the embers while claiming to be a pacifist. You must be vigilant, your naivety makes you manipulable. Do not take your case for a generality, everyone is not necessarily beautiful, nor nice.

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