Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

If you decided to end a relationship that did not suit you, you should remain in your position, even if the temptation to return is great because you do not want to risk your emotional stability again today that you have for someone who once cut off your freedom.

If you were looking for company, now, instead of one, you will be presented with two suitors, and you will have to make a very wise choice so as not to waste your time. Guide through the heart and let it decide. In this period your sentimental life will change. The day will be calm for you on the family level. Under the impetus of Neptunian influxes, you will be more attentive to your loved ones, and you will be able to show you more understanding and more benevolent towards your spouse and your children.

Listen well to your inner voice and guide yourself through it because you will achieve what you have always wanted: the love of a person that seemed impossible for you. Perhaps sooner than you think you will be involved in a wonderful relationship that will be a great cosmic gift. Living as a couple, do not fall victim to gossip by wanting to break up with your spouse or partner on a whim. Your jealousy seems totally unjustified. Single, the Moon will exacerbate your passions. Pay close attention to spurious overflows. Without being sober and wise, you risk favoring hatred rather than love, since “love and hate are consanguineous parents”.

Your health is precious and you should not give it away. Avoid tense situations in which you should raise your voice, get angry and lose your temper. It is the least indicated on this day. Do not let yourself be manipulated emotionally by irresponsible people. Long live relaxation! You will, in fact, need a lot of rest, in order to properly recharge your batteries and to allow your body’s defenses to function as efficiently as possible. Also, be sure to strike a balance between work and play. Otherwise, you will be nervous, tense, and prone to frequent backaches.

You are still in time to plan the work tasks that you must perform during the stage that is taking place this Friday. If you do not organize your agenda today you will not be able to enjoy your next weekend and you will have to take work home, overwhelming you. It’s time to learn from past experiences. In the job, fulfill your obligations heartily, and try to stay on good terms with your colleagues, even if their mood seems difficult. As everyone will be a little agitated by this tense astral climate, your kindness will allow you to maintain a harmonious climate around you and will be your best asset in your relations both human and professional.

Money and Luck
There is a remarkable turn in your fortune and the present vicissitudes are concluding with the planetary change that is already glimpsed in your astrological horizon. Very soon you will be laughing at the economic worries and lack of money. Many financial activities will be particularly favored today, including business and travel. Real estate transactions can finally succeed as you wish.

By Mary Emma

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