Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 3rd August 2018

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 3rd August 2018

The restlessness of the past is now latent in your life. Little by little you will be recovering that sentimental ground that was once well traveled on your part, but now is as distant or far away.

It is logical, from the astrological point of view, it is the natural result of the retrograde transit of Uranus on this Friday. For that reason, you should be patient and not wait for it to happen on a day which requires more time. Once you join the rhythm of the times you will see how nothing gets complicated and everything flows in a beautiful way in your life, Aquarius.aquarius daily horoscope friday 3rd august 2018

Do not get impatient if that person does not respond, or does not call you or does not communicate with you because this does not necessarily mean that they have stopped loving you, but rather that there is a period of growth in the relationship that you must take advantage of to adequately settle it.

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If you suffer from allergic-type disorders you are well supported. It’s time to take more care of yourself and not throw yourself into new things or drugs that you have not tried in the past. Avoid impulses when making decisions that are not authorized.

There will be good news in the case of Aquarians who expect job results but do not be impatient if they delay because now with your regent, Uranus, retrograde, are behind efforts that seemed already resolved, but normalized in a shocking way.

Money and Luck
Address that dream, premonition, hunch or whatever you want to call that is indicating what you should do best when putting your money in the best hands. If you concentrate on what is important you will not have problems but avoid waste that does not lead to anything good.