Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 5th March 2021

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 5th March 2021

Mercury is retrograde in your sign although not for long since on the next day 10 it will return to its retrograde transit. This means that the problems that arise now are not long-term but will be solved as quickly as they arrived. Some wonderful people want your friendship, look around you and you will discover them. You must separate reality from fantasy because some come to you approaching you with ideas that seem very good but are the fruit of hallucinated minds that believe everything they think is reality and you could find yourself involved in an unpleasant situation if you pay attention to them.

Your watery and emotional nature will be hungry for action today, even though you may not know which way to go. The engine is running but for some reason, the windshield looks foggy. Try to focus on the areas of your life that need the most attention. Find ways to improve those areas. Once your windshield is clear, but the first gear and accelerate! Start taking action.aquarius daily horoscope 5th march 2021

With Mercury retrograde in your sign during these days you must be very sagacious and careful when interacting with others, especially with that person you know. Do not risk your relationship and love stability for a whim that may be spinning in your head. Be careful, do not commit any recklessness, think carefully before acting.

Routine can quickly become a poison if allowed to interfere with everyday life. Indeed, always repeating the same gestures and actions can lead to real catastrophes. Why not get out of this golden prison and build a new nest for two? Made of surprises, far from all the clichés, you will take shelter from evil spirits. Those who criticize your way of loving have understood nothing. Devote yourself fully to the realization of small magical moments in the gallant company.

Today you will surely want to take a short break from your daily routine, and you will long to spend a night alone with your boyfriend. You feel sensual and passionate, but there is also a lot of news in terms of new opportunities that have recently appeared. Some, if you take advantage of them, could introduce profound changes in your life. Therefore, you will be interested in hearing the opinion of your partner, because they also concern about him. Choose your words carefully and spread your enthusiasm!
It is the time of exercise, competition, or simply enjoying the gifts of life, and one of them is your health. Now you experience a great improvement in your ailments and a general revitalization throughout your body.

Will you find yourself in the middle of the dramatic day that awaits you? The key for you is moderation, so try not to get sucked into people or situations that are not. You have a highly developed sense of right and wrong, and it will feel like these principles are being put to the test today. Feel free to bring out more of your joyous nature to combat the seriousness of the day.

An ugly cough that lasts, difficulty falling asleep, headaches that you would happily do without… The astral dissonances are very present and are revealed by a temporary drop in form. Nothing insurmountable if you take the time to rest and refocus on your basic needs. It should be all the easier when morale is high. An ideal serenity to offer your body a good spring cleaning.

You are about to move up in your company. Your personality impacts everyone and you undertake your work with admirable dynamism which is being considered by all and you will soon receive your reward.

Your musical part will be stronger today. Maybe you spend all day humming a song. Maybe you heard that tune on the radio while driving. Or it could be a memorable subject from a movie you saw last night. You will be able to recreate in your mind the sounds of different instruments and voices. You will find it challenging to focus on any job with all that tune in your head!

Money and luck
If you plan to buy or sell something for a business, wait a few days, until the 10th, for example, when Mercury stops being retrograde in your sign and then the landscape is better and there are other opportunities. Aquarius Luck Today

Someone close will not feel too good, and you will feel the need to be close and take care of them. You must do it. However, keep in mind that today your empathic abilities are functioning at high levels, and therefore you may experience some of their discomforts. Make sure to physically protect yourself by putting a white light around you if you want to avoid feeling sick.

On the financial side, no problem is emerging. That doesn’t mean you can give in to all your cravings. You will need to be particularly careful if your temper makes you quick to spend. Indeed, the stability of your bank account could crumble as you succumb to your temptations. Set a limited budget for all “fun spending” and compulsive shopping. If you hit that cap too quickly, you’ll know you need to fix this problem quickly.

Family and Friends
You often feel helpless when a loved one moves across the country. The distance seems insurmountable to us. In fact, the sum of the kilometers is not representative. On the other hand, faster than the content of a letter, consonants, vowels, syllables fuse through telephone waves and on social networks. Always very available for your friend, you must show him that no matter where you are, the lucky stars will continue to watch over each other.

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