Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 9th August 2019

There is a tendency to isolation and this can cause misunderstandings, Aquarian. If you have a stable partner and you get too much into your inner world neglecting communication, your attitude could be misunderstood, taken with indifference or heartbreak on your part.

Friday is ideal for effective communication because the Moon is in the intuitive Cancerian sign and that suits you a lot to apply your empathy, speak with your heart in your hand and with a lot of sensitivity and understanding in your words.

You can become too naive and rely heavily on the promises of others. Pay attention to details and do not assign qualities to a strange person. Open yourself to a new opportunity that will allow you to act in a simpler way with someone who in the past caused you headaches.

You enjoy a good stage in terms of health. If time permits you should take advantage and go for a good walk or practice your favorite sport. Even if you arrive tired from work, the change in activity will be stimulating.

There is an astral juncture that will lead you to overtime employment, which, once started, could become your main job. You are in a stage where fortunately you will have options to choose and succeed.

Money and Luck
There may be an extra income, not expected if you have to work today. In that case, try to do your thing and not complicate yourself in other people’s personal affairs. If you’re resting, enjoy it and if you’re tempted to argue, think about something else.


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