Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 11th November 2019

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 11th November 2019

Your increased perseverance fatigues you on the muscular plane without you being aware of it, give yourself the rest which is indispensable to you. Your kindness and your friendly mood will bring you luck. There are new friendly links in perspective.

This Monday, November 11, you have trouble putting yourself in the shoes of some people. Do not splinter for anything, think before you start because we can wait for you at the turn! Keep your good mood at all costs.aquarius daily horoscope 11th november 2019

Ok, you’re overflowing with energy, but you do not need to slam the doors, your entourage may not be as fit as you. Fortunately, we know you by heart.

As a couple: Your partner will touch you with his declaration of love. Once is not custom, go down among the common people and let yourself go to the emotion.

Single: You will have the opportunity to test your power of seduction. Do not go for it, give it at least a chance to resist.

The present global cocktail promises you one of the most buoyant days of the year, especially if you are single: an important meeting might surprise you. But if you live in couples, be careful: these global impacts may exacerbate your desire for freedom or that of your spouse. Be careful not to put your couple in danger without a valid reason: measure what you do, and take into account the price you may have to pay!

There is a way to put a little lightness in your daily life. Any events that you consider positive will be conducive to finding your friends. Do not hesitate to act.

Money and Luck
This is the finance side harmony, you will better use your assets in a good direction in the long term. This is the time to re-launch contacts or to seek to develop a clientele, negotiations. So, enjoy and act! Aquarius Luck Today

In the financial field, if you do not embark on ventures that are too audacious or even risky, you will succeed in consolidating your situation. Act, not according to your sometimes excessive ambitions, but according to your means.

You want to go beyond and reach the summits! You may be too prone to feel invulnerable. Do not forget that your colleagues do not necessarily have the same resources and do not try to use force.

At work, Mars will make you dynamic, even extremely combative. But do not expect to lead a campaign in conquered countries: you will encounter clashes, ambushes, negotiations, etc. In short, all that makes, after the fact, the flavor of triumph!

It is understood: you always put the bar at the top, in your work as in your private life. But still, take the time to have fun. Mercury will remind you that relaxation and laughter are the best anti-stress. In fact, what is lacking in your happiness is a little relaxation. If you accept for once to be a little less serious, you would go much better.

Family and Friends
Your family life may be momentarily disturbed. It is rather with the elderly around you, or the opposite with children and young teenagers, that things are likely to go wrong. Try to maintain the dialogue and, if it concerns your children, avoid both an excess of authoritarianism and an attitude that is too lax.

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