Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st February 2021

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st February 2021

This birthday cycle whose second phase is beginning in February comes into your life with great cosmic gifts, among them that of Ceres, the planetoid of abundance, in your sign. Do not be sorry for what you cannot solve, it does not make sense, it is a waste of time and it takes you away from what is really important. Play down a temporary disagreement and don’t let feelings of frustration or sadness cloud your day. Even if something unexpected has happened, you can rebuild your life and materialize your dearest wishes in that month of love, and your birthday cycle. If in the past days you had problems of an emotional nature, there is good news for you. The negative airs will soon pass and in a short time, there will be clarity in the present situation.

This is a good day to learn from other people. You have always been a bit of a gossip, and you usually know what happens to the people around you. Today you will find out somewhat scandalous news. Or maybe you hear a business or investment tip that might be helpful to you Pay attention to the gossip you hear at the office.aquarius daily horoscope 1st february 2021

Congratulations to everyone who has their birthday today because they are on their best day! In general, for all Aquarians, this stage is one of reevaluation and reconsideration where you analyze mistakes made, amend them and move on with the security and confidence in the future that distinguishes your air sign.

There is a great deal of strength in your heart, which is helping you find a basis for your changing emotions. You will be much more sensitive and you will receive the energy that surrounds you, so be careful. Although this may give you an advantage in understanding others, it will also make you more susceptible to negative energy from other people. Some people are not what they seem, so you should be careful not to let them get too close to your heart.

If you are alone, you will have to wait a bit to change your status, thanks to the action of Venus. To be sure not to miss the chosen one of your heart, there will be parties, outings, holidays … And we know you are sociable enough to exploit the vein to the maximum. For couples, quiet happiness will prevail. Besides, you won’t need long speeches to understand each other. Your marriage will be based on traditional family values as much as on the mutual trust and respect that you will grant each other.

Don’t keep putting off what you should do. Do not forget that a poorly cared for mouth or uncared for feet can cause other disorders in the body. It is not only a question of aesthetics but health.

This will be the time to become aware of your health capital. Consider stopping wasting it one way or another. Especially with the influence of Pluto in the health area of your chart, you might feel a little tired and have a hard time getting up in the morning to go to work.

What is life without some adventure? You’ve been in the same old routine for a long time. Why not take a trip to some exotic place? It is easier than you think. A few calls to the travel agencies and you’ll be with your bags ready and on the plane in a week. Even if you can’t leave immediately, planning the trip and making reservations will simply do wonders for your mood.

Your life rises in a constant rhythm and if you make an effort as you should, you will not only improve your situation but you will earn more, even if you are now unemployed you will get what you are looking for if you insist, the secret is in your persistence, do not forget it, do not give up your efforts and lean on your Aquarius will.

On the work side, your dynamism and your ambition may come up against obstacles, or even turn against you. So stay very careful. Also, avoid dispersing yourself too much.

Today you may feel tired and have been absorbed. Although by nature you are a workaholic, even you have to admit that today is the day to stay in bed. Take these hours to regroup and regain your energy. You will need to be in your best shape for all the work that will be waiting for you at your desk tomorrow.

Money and Luck
The planetoid of abundance, Ceres, when entering your sign today Monday announces a very fortunate cycle in business if you attend to the intuitions and hunches that come to you and apply them without waiting for others to dedicate for you. It is you, and no one else, who must shape your own economic destiny at this time. Aquarius Luck Today

Long-term investments, especially in real estate, will pay dividends. If you plan to buy or sell a house, this is the right time. Everything indicates that your patience and faith in yourself will pay off. You will finally achieve one of your most desired goals. Also: If you plan to invest in your home, be it renovations or an extension, start your plans today.

Very good day to consider new investment methods or to think about the best way to settle a contentious case. You will succeed in balancing your budget or restoring a precarious financial situation.

Family and Friends
If you are the father (or mother) of a family, you may need to be a little more vigilant when it comes to your children. Their desire for freedom will awaken, which will not always be to your liking. If they are older, your relationship with them will in principle not be bad.

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