Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 20th November 2017

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 20th November 2017

You are happy and animated, you will spread positive energy to the people around you. But you could also have a little anxiety these days but in general, you’re fine. If you put your papers in order, you would avoid many problems, do not delay. If you have asked for a credit, they will ask you for a lot of paperwork, patience. You will have less patience with the wishes of others. But by changing your tune, you will find compromises! You show more realism this Monday, you feel a need to ask yourself to relax, which is well and truly indicated.

Due to the movement of the Moon in combination with your regent Uranus in retrograde transit through the fire element, you will be experiencing certain feelings of anxiety that could cause problems in your work or in your love life with that person. Concentrate on what you are doing because in that way everything will turn out well and do not torment yourself thinking about sad things that happened. Download your energy into something positive and do not put yourself to thinking about what has no solution or facility to perform. It has the resources with which you can dispose and do not let yourself be carried away by illusions or promises of money, Aquarian.aquarius daily horoscope 20th november 2017

Aquarius Love Daily Horoscope Today 20th November 2017
The things you long for in your love life are about to materialize and be fulfilled. Do not rush to say “yes” or “no”, but rather wait a bit and you will realize that happiness is closer than you had supposed. We try to manipulate you by taking you by the good feelings. Do not believe anyone in the world today. You resign yourself poorly to the usual routine, do not force your instinct, make a parenthesis in your daily life.

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Aquarius Health Daily Horoscope Today 20th November 2017
Good wave in the healing aspect. If your ailments have been associated with the kidneys or excretion in general, today you receive a positive vibration. If you have to undergo dialysis you will feel better after the usual treatment. You are full of charm and initiative. Highlight yourself today, it’s easy and you’re looking for the loved one, the ideal collaborator, the generous producer or the honest partner: your intuition will not deceive you and the exchanges are particularly constructive.

Aquarius Work Daily Horoscope Today 20th November 2017
You will feel inspired by your work and your work is recognized and pays off. It is an ideal day and from now on your level of production will increase a lot. You will be enjoying a good work stage and you do not have to worry so much, Aquarian, you will see that everything goes better than you thought. Machining is not necessarily the best way to work. Take a step back to make things better.

Aquarius Money Daily Horoscope Today 20th November 2017
Chance is auspicious, and if you are not one of those who play habitually today you could make an exception and try to touch fortune following a hunch. An extra money will never fall badly, much less in this cycle where the situation is difficult. You will be able to direct your dialogues to your expectations, all smoothly. This is the time to expose your projects but the results will be for later.