Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 30th November 2020

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 30th November 2020

The fabulous trine of Uranus, your ruler with Jupiter, an aspect that has been influencing your sign for some days, but that today Monday acquires greater relevance because tomorrow Tuesday the Moon will be in your sign, and from today Monday everything is energizing your favor. Dare this weekend and start your projects because now you have many creative ideas, but you dilute yourself by wanting to do different activities simultaneously – something very Aquarian, by the way. Apply your creativity and ingenuity in one direction and you will see how in a short time you are reaping what you sow now. A sentimental issue that was worrying you will have unexpected solutions and soon you will regain the ground that you thought you had lost. There is nothing negative in your environment so take advantage of the energy you have to turn an apparent failure into a positive experience because even Uranus, retrograde, is placed in favorable trill aspects and that energy is better channeled.

The luck you seek may be floating in the air, but you may not be able to see it now because your mind is too focused on just one thing. Do not get pigeonholed into just one way of thinking or proceeding. Maybe you miss something that is extremely obvious but that you are not able to see because you find yourself with all concentration on the result, rather than the process.aquarius daily horoscope 30th november 2020

The current planetary vibration causes some sentimental concerns, but you will know how to avoid them. Do not complicate your love relationship with misgivings, suspicions, and fears that are not related to your Aquarian sign. Fully enjoy what you are currently experiencing in your affective life at the best of your independent air sign style on this day of awareness of the seven vibrations.

Under the influence of Pluto, you love without reservation and for no reason. Your sensual nature works to maintain the libido of the other, you live a carnal passion, without worrying about the next day. Gemini Ascendant, you who tend to intellectualize any relationship could be destabilized by this completely physical coronation! Single, you are also in search of sensual pleasures. You remain immune to awkward sentimental statements and seek out adventures of a different order.

Today you are going to want to cut off all contact with the world and hide. Your garden or bedroom looks pretty tempting right now, and maybe you bought a book and are desperate to read it. You won’t even feel like sharing a meal with the rest of the family. Do not worry. We all want to be alone from time to time. Your family should understand.

The secret of stable health is balance. Your sign receives a good planetary influence with the trill of Jupiter, but do not saturate yourself with vitamin supplements that you do not really need because that way you would be altering your metabolism. The most rational thing is to always pay attention to the organism.

You will need to change your habits and give yourself a little saving break away from your daily life. You are feeling the oppressive influence of Jupiter entering the 8th house and might find it difficult to resist the pressure of the various burdens hanging over you. If you feel that you are starting to lose your footing and that you can no longer manage everything, do not hesitate to call on your loved ones who will be happy to help you take a well-deserved break.

Today you can meet very interesting people, perhaps through a group or friend activity. They may visit your house. You will feel inspired and motivated through contact with these and other people, and new future possibilities will begin to haunt your head. You could also think of an upcoming move. Enjoy the day!

Likely, something does not go as planned and this interruption forces you to stay longer than usual in your workplace. Dedicate all your energy today to solving the problem and at the end of this day you will have achieved it satisfactorily, it will be the best before the new month begins.

Today, you will notice that you are very creative and ambitious. You will want to use these forces to work directly on a project that you have wanted for a long time. Or maybe you want to channel those energies into activities such as organizing your home or workplace. If you plan, you can do both, if that’s what you want. Make the most of the day!

Money and Luck
Some contradictions are likely to arise between your ideas and what those around you think about money in dispute. If this is the case, do not get impatient and do everything according to the rhythm that develops in this stage, you will see that everything is solved. Aquarius Luck Today

You will have news about money that you did not expect. It may be part of your compensation, although it is more likely to be earnings generated by investments. If you have stocks, bonds, or real estate, its value will skyrocket. If your company has a profit-sharing plan, don’t be surprised if profits double this year. Whatever it is, go ahead!

Under the jovial influences of Venus, your spirit is celebrating. Good humor, a joke, and a friendly outing will be your guidelines at the moment. However, this may slightly complicate your work in the office. Impossible to concentrate! You will count the hours that separate you from a good evening with friends. The time for celebration will come soon enough. In the meantime, you will need to channel your enthusiasm to succeed in fulfilling your professional responsibilities.

Family and Friends
Galvanized by the sun, you are overflowing with vitality and projects. Generous, you gladly invite your loved ones to your table for long, lively dinners. All of this would be perfect if you weren’t a little picky. You formalize yourself a bit quickly and are very principled. Most of the time, those around you have fun but could end up getting upset. Your perpetual remarks about good manners or good speaking are annoying. Loosen up a bit and you will be fine.

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