Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 12th July 2019

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 12th July 2019

This Friday presents very interesting affective singularities for you, Aquarius. A person begins to take an interest in you that perhaps you love in silence and it seemed impossible to you to arrive at your side.

However, due to the transit of Venus, your desires are very passionate and also your feelings possessive, jealous and dominant. You will be receiving some confusing signals about money that you owe and if you do not feel totally sure of what you owe.aquarius daily horoscope today friday 12th july 2019

Vespers of the solar eclipse. You feel closer and emotionally and united to your partner. What is happening now within your inner being is something that you have not counted on, but that radically changes the way you see your relationship.

Do not stop doing your daily exercises because the wave that surrounds you now is very conducive to your health and energizes you particularly if you have been suffering from disorders associated with circulation or blood pressure.

You must test your imagination and your experience in the work you do. A kind of challenge will force you to find new ways to solve a labor problem with tact. Do not argue with your classmates.

Money and Luck
Someone with resources is interested in taking advantage of your knowledge and can come to your side to offer you an opportunity to make extra money. You must consider that proposition because there are vibrations of prosperity approaching.