Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 13th July 2019

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 13th July 2019

Do not trust everyone who comes to your side telling you about difficult situations in your work because it could be dangerous gossip in which you would be directly involved if you give your opinion and reach the ears of other people. You begin to consider the possibility of joining another person in marriage, or at least trying to live in common, as a couple.

All this is spinning in your head, think about it before acting. A friend that you have not seen for some time is looking for you to propose something that suits you. Love is well supported and happy meetings are augured.aquarius daily horoscope today saturday 13th july 2019

1- Love
Sun eclipse! You have the whole day ahead to make a transcendental decision in your love life. Therefore, before giving the yes, or no, to a person you are interested in think about the consequences and once your resolution is taken, do not retreat or stagnate.

2- Health
Get some book, video or adequate information on meditation and yoga, and if there is somewhere near your house where you can practice these disciplines enroll because it will do you a lot of good to relax during this astral period.

3- Work
The tone that surrounds you is creative, but there are some co-workers too talkative and deconcentrated around you. Avoid them as much as possible because their words and actions could take you out of your emotional center and cause situations that would hurt you if you let yourself be influenced by them.

4- Money and Luck
Good time to put your administrative skills to work. You receive an extra ticket Do not run to spend it, separate it into a savings account to use later. Put your income to work and draw up a concrete plan to eliminate unnecessary debts and expenses.