Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 15th December 2018

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 15th December 2018

During this last fortnight of the year many things will happen that will surprise you, Aquarius. Your sensitivity and your intuition are accentuated, and that is precisely what is happening this Saturday.

Take the things presented with a philosophical and sporting attitude, you will see how even the most difficult are resolved favorably. A person without sincerity is like a love without truth, they lack the most important thing. Do not neglect your plans to face contingencies or mishaps. This weekend you will receive an invitation that you have not even considered, you will change your plans.aquarius daily horoscope today saturday 15th december 2018

What is best for you now is not to regret what you could be, and it was not. What happened is already history and now the important thing is your present, your loving reality and the way you live and enjoy it. A touch of understanding will make the difference between a happy relationship and a traumatized one.

Try to go shopping this coming weekend and buy some sports equipment you can use at home while you’re reading, maybe a walking or running mat, or a stationary bike. That’s how you do both.

Did you know that in your job you value much more than you think? Your efforts are not going unnoticed even if your superiors do not let you know. Do not be discouraged even if you do not hear words of praise, follow your line of work and you will achieve recognition very soon, Aquarian.

Money and Luck
The positive impact of the Moon on the fire element, compatible with you that you are of air, will put you in contact with men or women of businesses and well-off people that will help you in your financial plans. Although now you do not have the necessary money you will see how in a few weeks you start to enter through different channels.

By Mary Emma

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