Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 18th August 2018

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 18th August 2018

In a short time you will be fully enjoying the happiness you so deserve, Aquarian. Chance is also very propitious. The transit of the Moon opens the doors of your sixth sense to accentuate your ability to see life with stable parameters: on the one hand your intuition and sensitivity, on the other the practical part.

This is very important when making a decision that involves starting a relationship or ending another because you will not only be guided by what you feel, but also by what you know, what you have seen, the elements of judgment that you have favor.aquarius daily horoscope today saturday 18th august 2018

Do not throw yourself into anything new without having thoroughly explored your feelings, it is not the moment of emotional improvisation but to solidify relationships, act with stability and take root in your commitments, without altering your life.

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On this day the cervical region is very sensitive and you should be careful to avoid sudden movements that could damage your neck vertebrae. Take care of your voice and do not do anything out of the ordinary because you could cause damage to your throat.

Certain new schedules or some transformations introduced in your work could worry you by altering your rhythm of life and your normal biorhythm. The first thing you should do is try to adapt as soon as possible to the change, and not the other way around. You can therefore your Aquarian sign, from the air element, it is versatile and flexible.

Money and Luck
Follow with the proverbial determination of your Aquarian sign those economic ideas that gave you so many good results in the past. It’s time to follow a business and put it to work again. You will have the support of influential friends.