Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 18th May 2019

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 18th May 2019

During this period you are full of vitality and enthusiasm, especially your will is strengthened. What you propose you will achieve. In love there is something important that you must take into account and it is not to live in the past!

Now new horizons and possibilities to be happy will open up for you, so do not bring anything sad to the present that could compromise your happiness since life, Aquarius, is a process that happens every day and that you know very well due to the nature Independent, spontaneous and revolutionary of your sign of the air element.aquarius daily horoscope today saturday 18th may 2019

If you combine your human warmth with the intuitions you receive, you can conquer that heart and strengthen a relationship that seemed somewhat confusing. Do not fear, your insistence will bear fruit, remember that you are a sign that does not give up easily.

Take better care of what you eat, do not do it “to get through”, and please read the labels on the products! If you buy foolishly, guiding yourself only by the ad and do not read what you are consuming, you could be throwing your health and your money away. There are products that are falsely promoted as natural juices and are simply dyes, and water with sugar.

A new productive phase is coming very productive after this weekend. If you were thinking about starting a new job on your own or an extra job you are well supported and what you start will give you good results, but remember, with retrograde Jupiter and Saturn you will have to insist doubly.

Money and Luck
In this planetary cycle the main aspects of your Aquarian personality are well strengthened. Although there is no money in abundance, there will be no shortage and soon there will be definitive solutions because your sign always knows how to attract prosperity.

By Mary Emma

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