Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 19th December 2020

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 19th December 2020

You will want to have new experiences and you will like to escape a bit from your obligations. If you don’t have the discipline now to take on certain challenges, leave them for later. Romantic evening with your partner. You have saved a lot thanks to a lot of effort. Complicated work environment, exercise caution. Great physical shape. If you can overcome your impetuousness and control your frantic impulses, everything will be fine. You are innately stronger than you think, but unfounded doubts hold you back. Some jokes should not be taken literally. Don’t forget that before replying. It will help you. A new job opportunity is coming. Take your time before making a decision. Don’t compromise your chances by rushing headlong into things that can throw your love life out of balance. Your strategic skills will help you get what you want.

Your quick intervention in a work issue can solve a difficult situation, but you will have to be careful not to expose anyone. You will thus earn a lot of supports for imminent job improvements. If someone offers you a one-time job, think carefully before accepting if you really like it or not. Sometimes personal satisfaction is much more important than the money you can receive. And your checking account is not so bad at the moment. The work can be a bit difficult and if you are still without occupation, do not expect immediate results, it will likely take a while to find something that suits you, if you are in urgent financial need, consider taking an option that you have not taken in counts so far.aquarius daily horoscope 19th december 2020

Although your ruler Uranus is in retrograde, it is in triune with the Sun and with Mars in very favorable aspects for you. There will be no envy that can harm or harm you at work or cause displeasure in your personal life, Aquarius. Your plans will be replaced this Saturday and if you had been thinking of doing something since last week an unforeseen event will likely arise at the last minute. Do not regret it, on the contrary, take it as something positive to change your routine and lead you in another direction, better in every way. An employment opportunity is approaching your job outlook that within a few days will begin to crystallize favorably. This is something new for you, but the challenge to your intelligence will put your talent to the test.

This will be an exciting weekend. The planets are weaving a pleasant surprise in your love life. The Moon and your ruler, Uranus, will place you in an intensely passionate scene that you will hardly forget and will allow you to remake your sentimental panorama again if in these past days you went through a difficult emotional situation.

You are living in great love and no one can reach you. Thanks to the planet Venus, your couple is protected from storms and other torments. You know how to take the necessary time for your spouse and he does the same with a lot of enthusiasm. Relationships like yours are rare, make the most of them. If you are single, you will have a positive encounter. Your innate charm leaves no one indifferent. Leave your shyness aside to let yourself be carried away by the beautiful story that lies ahead.

If you decide to fast, you should do it rationally and never eliminating the water or fluids that are essential to maintain your health. Be very careful also with diuretics that are counterproductive and can affect the kidneys if they are not administered under medical supervision.

Your libido is in full swing whether you are in a relationship or single. Know how to satisfy it by explaining your desires and fantasies to your partner. You will be full of joy and you will thus transmit good vibes. Your physical efforts pay off: they help your muscle tone and increase your self-confidence. You pay particular attention to your personal well-being. You should still test a martial art class to discipline your strength.

Don’t assume self-sufficient attitudes. Job advice or recommendation from an experienced person will help you a lot to solve the difficulty in carrying out your daily work. Listen to it carefully.

In your work, you will be very sure of yourself, aware of all your capacities, and you will succeed in carrying out your most ambitious projects. However, many obstacles will have to be overcome, and the stars will give you enough courage and perseverance to accomplish your tasks.

Money and Luck
Do not be guided by omens or predictions of people who seek to drag others into their negativity. You have the possibility to prosper and get ahead in everything you do and that will extends to your economy and your businesses. Aquarius Luck Today

At work, your day will be punctuated by the accomplishment of several projects that are dear to you and for which you have given a lot of energy. On the relational side, your colleagues will not hesitate to call on your knowledge, your know-how, or your good advice. So you will feel particularly useful and valued today and your confidence will skyrocket! On the money side, your wisdom in terms of financial management allows you to achieve great success in this area.

Family and Friends
Under the impulse of Jupiter who arrives in your Heaven, you risk spending a day which you would have done well. A climate of tension reigns and you will have a hard time getting over it. You may feel isolated, misunderstood, and receive remarks from those close to you following a past event that you considered trivial but which was not perceived as such by members of your family sphere.

Don’t get confused and try to get your point across with a well-founded argument. The household will be well influenced, and you will finally find the right balance in your privacy. Family relations will be favored by Saturn in good shape.

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