Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 19th October 2019

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 19th October 2019

The position, or aspect, between your ruler Uranus and the planet Venus this day, inclines you to find yourself facing sentimental circumstances totally new to you. You will hear promises and propositions. Do not believe everything they tell you, people must prove their words with deeds.

You may be surprised at your job with an unusual proposition. Do not discard it even if you do not like it at all initially or pay back what corresponds. What was rejected in the beginning will become an engine for your growth and for a leap in quality within your work life, Aquarius?aquarius daily horoscope 19th october 2019

You are entering a much deeper stage where you manage to stabilize emotionally and consolidate a relationship that was somewhat diffuse by putting an intimate touch that will warm the spark of attraction.

Take care of your body weight! Those extra pounds create health problems, hence the need to control what you eat and exercise to keep you at an adequate weight. It’s not just about the figure, but about your life in general.

The influence of Venus in its current transit ignites your mental spark and you will discover new ways to face the different responsibilities that are emerging around you. They are about to propose a very interesting high in your work.

Money and Luck
You tend to overlook important interviews if you don’t take good note of them. Don’t trust only your memory, write everything down carefully. If you forget them you could miss a chance to make money.

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