Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 20th February 2021

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 20th February 2021

This Saturday, upon receiving the astral effluvium of the Moon in your sign in this so-called “new year of life”, which has already begun from now on, you feel turned to the practical part of life. You will recognize your own mistakes and you will not blame others for what is your fault. A door opens better when you have the key, of course, but if you don’t have it and you need to open it, you force it, push it, disarm it. This means that when you have to do something, do not limit yourself by obstacles but keep going. Even if they say “no” insist if it is really worth what you are looking for.

Today you can catch the mood of other people. Maybe you have friends who want to include you in a group event. You may be going to see a sports competition or a wrestling exhibition. You will enjoy hanging out with friends today. Allow their energies to encourage you. Put aside your worries and enjoy the moment. Do some “friendship therapy” today!aquarius daily horoscope 20th february 2021

Don’t fear a temporary separation. Many times, when you have love, it is good to be away for a while. In this way, we can make sure whether the affection they have for us is effective or is it a passing whim.

You are receptive to the slightest emotion that agitates those around you. This hypersensitivity is double-edged and can cause a crisis as well as intense moments of sharing in your love life. As a couple, you have never felt so close to your loved one, your partner can count on you and he is grateful to you. Single, you are easily moved, some people try to take advantage of it: probe their intentions well before giving everything to them!

Don’t be surprised if you don’t spend a lot of time at home. Everything indicates that you will spend the day running from one place to another, shopping, visiting and you could even attend a special dinner or concert. Remember that there are many family activities that you don’t want to miss, so don’t even think about sitting in front of the TV.

Put sad ideas out of your head, Aquarius. Do not think that you have a serious health problem if you do not enjoy your best conditions on this day. It may be autosuggestion.

Gluttony remains the most delicious of faults. Moreover, these moments of food-type sweetness go wonderfully with everyone’s balance. Also, in recent months, you have chained the small victories at a breakneck pace without taking the time to really appreciate them. Well done, you have shown so much bravery and courage. As a result, it is not that big of a square of chocolate that risks melting your efforts. The best reward is to deceive the enemy by making them friends.

Today you may feel overflowing with energy and motivation. It could be a great day to organize a game of basketball or tennis with your friends. If you like weight training, you will feel powerful and will be able to lift more weight than usual. This is a good time to connect with the body and be in contact with nature.

Your creativity is put to the test. There are unforeseen situations in your work that will require your originality and mental flexibility to solve them satisfactorily, the good news is that you will achieve it!

If you are not currently emotionally involved, today you will meet someone very promising. The work will be related in some way, and it is also possible that this person has been living in your neighborhood for quite some time. A friend will introduce them. They will spend at least an hour talking, and they will arrange to meet again.

Money and Luck
Sometimes you hate exercising. You like it when it happens by accident! Running to the ice cream parlor doesn’t count as exercise though! Therefore, today you will take stock and see what you can do to be in better shape. If you don’t like a gym, you can take more regular walks. Or you can dust off your bike and start riding around town. You will enjoy the country feeling by being in contact with nature. Aquarius Luck Today

If you have been working for several years in the same company, the time will be right for a notable change in your professional situation. You may receive a proposal that you did not expect but which will reassure you about the quality of the work you produce daily. The position of Mercury will induce in you doubt as to the position to adopt and the consequences potentially induced by this change. Trust your judgment which will help you make the right decision.

Family and Friends
Today the weather will be stormy! This day may indeed be tumultuous in the family domain. The usually harmless little quirks of a parent may annoy you, and it will be difficult for you to finish the day without getting upset. A word of advice: if there is water in the gas, take a step back and breathe, your loved ones will thank you. And remember, arguments are never as bad as you think. Try to temper your reactions and make yourself understood calmly.

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