Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 29th June 2019

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 29th June 2019

Well this weekend to enjoy it with those you love now that you have the Moon in your sign and the planet Mercury in the fire element, very compatible with yours, which is air. You will achieve more by acting on your own initiative than by waiting for others.

Before accepting a favor, check if it is conditioned to something that you will have to do later and that would complicate you. Be careful with the apparently “easy” things, Aquarian. You have a tendency to say inappropriate things or reproach your partner for no apparent reason. Better keep those comments, do not give them room in your heart to not sadden you. It flows with the flow of life.aquarius daily horoscope today saturday 29th june 2019

The present planetary position will allow you to take the affirmative steps to attract to your side a person that interests you very much sentimentally. Your intuition and the present conditions combine today very well. You are in a happy moment

Your mind responds to the external stimuli that surround your home and workplace. It is essential to have a pleasant home and work environment to help balance your nervous system and thus improve your health.

If your work does not like you at all, go thinking about changing it for what really satisfies you basically if at the end of your workday you do not experience a feeling of fulfillment and personal satisfaction. You must do what you like.

Money and Luck
There are investments that seem safe, but after digging a little the surface you notice its instability. Before conducting unstable business, seek the advice of knowledgeable people and follow their advice.