Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 3rd August 2019

Wrap your intimacy with tenderness, as you know how to do it, Aquarian, and don’t be discouraged if someone did something to you that caused you discouragement or frustration because now all that is being overcome happily. This weekend with the effusion of Jupiter, direct and the Moon in the fire element, the inspiration to obtain money comes to you in the form of a dream.

In their symbols situations that well interpreted can help you channel your energies to the right place and increase your income. You are in the moment of the unpredictable. Maybe you should change your weekend plans, but don’t be discouraged because everything will be fun in your relationship, something will happen that you will remember with laughter and joy.

Certain issues that are still hitting you will be totally overcome and with this new attitude towards life, you will be able to enjoy your present loving reality more and leave aside a certain pessimistic touch that could have spoiled your week in days gone by.

If your vision is clouded, you may be spending too much time behind the computer. It is time to rest your eyes, change position and create some kind of routine that allows you to work, enjoy the Internet and at the same time exercise your body.

Do not hurry to change your job or home right now because it is the least recommended. The current planetary vibration of your Regent Uranus demands stability and if you are guided by comments from ambitious people you could lose employment and position.

Money and Luck
You have opened the way to do what you like with your money, but before buying, separate what is necessary to cover your expenses and do not allow a false sense of blind optimism to compromise your economy in high debts or impulsive, nondescript investments, Aquarian.

To know the forecast today Saturday, August 3, 2019, you just have to read the tarot that we have prepared so you can discover many curiosities about the sign Aquarius.

A person who is under the influence of the sign Aquarius never forgets something important.

It is true that Aquarius is a little crazy head, and sometimes you may forget silly things like where you put the phone, where you left the keys, etc.

But what Aquarius never forgets is the date of birthdays of close friends or a person he has a good memory of.

An Aquarian will not forget events that have happened to him in life, whether they are very good or very bad …

In general, a native of Aquarius remembers everything and what he will not forget under any circumstances is a disappointment, since it is a bit resentful sign when they give him a big stick.

Another thing that will never forget a protected by the Aquarius horoscope is a good memory, something that has reached the bottom of his heart because when something comes to him, it reaches the deepest part of his being.

Aquarians are cold people but who, in turn, want love.

My partner Aquarius has not forgotten his ex
When your Aquarian partner has not forgotten your ex you must have patience.

Some Aquarian natives have a hard time forgetting, whether it’s something bad or something good. He thinks that those protected by this zodiac sign have a hard time committing to a relationship.

The person who succeeds will become a dominant position in his life.

But don’t fear, sooner or later, Aquarius ends up forgetting, you just have to give him some time and understand him, so don’t be discouraged either.

You can help a man or woman Aquarius forget about his ex being better than that person, making him see that not everyone is the same, so you know … to put the batteries!

A good way can be to surprise you and be very detailed. Aquarians love to have tender gestures with them but they also love a good party for what you have to choose-

Aquarius lives the ruptures in a special way
Aquarius has a very special and different way of living the ruptures, despite being shattered inside, he will always try not to be noticed and will not leave the parties and exits for anything in the world.

It is a very strong sign, so you will always get ahead and it will cost you nothing to overcome a break.

He will take refuge in his friendships, which for a protected by the Aquarius horoscope is the most important thing, more than love and other aspects of life.

Aquarians can give the impression of not needing anyone, but deep down they have their little hearts and they usually give much more importance to their friendships than to their partners.


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