Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 6th July 2019

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 6th July 2019

What you thought least happened, Aquarian, both in the love plane and in other areas of your life and you receive a kind of bell in your everyday reality coming from a person of very good conditions that seeks your friendship, or something else. Now that you have your ruler Uranus in the earth element, your thoughts have a greater consolidation or solid foundation.

However, the influx of aphelion tends to make you somewhat distant or absent which could cause communication problems with those who are by your side at this time, review your attitude and make the necessary adjustments.aquarius daily horoscope today saturday 6th july 2019

Your affective life opens and expands, encompassing more than what existed in the past. You will launch to new conquests, very daring, which, however, will bear fruit because now your personality charms and fascinates in the best Aquarian style.

Try to keep a diary of what you eat starting today and when you arrive next Saturday look at the results you get, both in your daily regularity with your weight because not all bodies react in the same way and yours is no exception.

This weekend you will have the opportunity to review two or three offers to perform an extra activity in these coming days. Remember that many times the time goes away in things that are not worthwhile and we neglect the most important ones. Prioritize your needs and purposes.

Money and Luck
The money you invest in a cultural activity, going to a theater to enjoy a show or giving yourself a dinner in an elegant restaurant will be well used because it increases your self-esteem and helps you to expand and relax both mentally and intellectually.