Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 7th November 2020

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 7th November 2020

The planetary positions that are now influencing your Aquarian sign during this cycle of the Taurids will give you many reasons to be happy and happy. It is your stage of self-discovery, within yourself. New feelings arise and you feel attracted to who you least thought. It is also very good for buying or selling a business, a move, or major business management related to tourism or the media, but beware! Your ruler Uranus is retrograde like Mercury, hence you are very attentive in everything you do.

Things seem to be going your way! In this case, your first reaction is euphoria quickly followed by worry. Why do you win so easily? There must be a catch! Today you will be under the influence of the second stage, which suggests that now that you have had a taste of success, you organize yourself to obtain it on a constant diet.aquarius daily horoscope 7th november 2020

Love surrounds you with unusual characteristics, very much your own, Aquarian, and who you could least think is interested in you sentimentally. The idea does not displease you, and if you are free in the present explore the romantic possibility of an exciting and novel adventure in these days of November.

Someone you’ve known for a long time, but haven’t seen for a long time, could suddenly appear in your life. They could meet at some kind of social event, or maybe I’m going to visit your family. Friends and group affiliations will give you a lot of support and satisfaction at this time and you will feel very safe with them. This is a good time to enroll in courses, especially those that have to do with art.

It’s time to stop playing indifference and clearly state your intentions, it is eating away at you from the inside! You can’t keep frustrating yourself like this any longer and lying to yourself. Take a deep breath and finally say what’s on your mind, calmly and firmly. After all, you are not asking for anything extraordinary! If your wishes are poorly received, it is because you feel wrong in the first place anyway, you would have nothing to regret!

Do not exaggerate. The secret of stable health is balance. Your sign receives a good planetary influence, but do not saturate yourself with vitamin supplements that you do not really need because you would be altering your metabolism.

The keyword for you today is limit. Think for a minute what it means to you. It’s time to have a serious conversation with yourself. Set yourself some limits and be honest about where to draw the line. Your health, your state of mind, and your relationships with others all depend on your taking the initiative to say no in some circumstances.

In this period influenced by Neptune, you tend to torment yourself more than you need to and this strongly impacts your morale. Clear your mind by trying new things and step out of your comfort zone. Now is the time to organize a last-minute dinner with a few friends, to grab a movie ticket without looking at the name of the movie, or to go for a walk in a completely unknown corner … Go for it and forget about the time from a few hours all your hassle.

Concentrate well on what you are doing now as there is a strong tendency to dispersion and you could miss the commission of an assigned job due to the rush to finish quickly.

Discipline and concentration could be the topics of the day. Although you have come across many interesting ideas lately, it takes commitment and dedication so that these grand schemes are in place. Right now it’s best to focus on clarity of communication, stick to a work schedule, and build on solid ground. Some of the innovations you would like to make may need more research and testing.

Money and Luck
Adjust to environmental changes in your economic life. You will be receiving strong planetary influences and you will be able to increase your income by doing manual jobs that you were not used to, but very productive. Aquarius Luck Today

You feel strong and energetic, and you have a lot of charisma today. You will receive invitations or make plans to go out with friends. You seem to be more popular than ever. This energy will continue throughout the next week. Take advantage of all the opportunities you will have to make new friends.

On the work side, a few heated discussions could dot your day and make it more tiring than usual. Immersed in the negative imprint of Mars, you are one of the people who can quickly get on their high horse: you will therefore have to show great diplomacy so as not to offend already heated spirits. A hint of hypocrisy might even save the day when you have a conflict with someone in your line. These relational hazards aside, the day promises to be rather calm.

Family and Friends
It’s time for you to take some time out with your loved ones. This is the perfect time to organize a family trip and take the opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones that you have somewhat neglected in recent weeks. Take advantage of the influx of Uranus which will be favorable to you to organize a saving parenthesis for the harmony of your personal relationships. The natives of the third decan could experience some professional setbacks linked to the jealousy of certain co-workers.

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