Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th January 2021

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th January 2021

Remember that you will only be happy when you can forgive, and forget. Don’t shut up your feelings, communicate, and open your heart without reservation. The peculiarities of your temperament overpower a very demanding person. If what you are looking for is an adventure, you are on the right track, but if you expect a serious commitment you may be disappointed since now with your ruler Uranus retrograde things are not usually very solid or stable. Wait a bit, on the 11th Uranus, will be direct again and a remarkable and favorable change begins in your life.

Try to keep certain aspects of your life in balance. There is very powerful energy these days that could destabilize you. People know how to handle your ego. They know the mechanisms that get you going. Don’t be fooled by those who just want to take advantage of your generosity. Maybe you feel like you’re attracted to them simply because you need someone to pay attention to you. Don’t fall into the trap.aquarius daily horoscope 9th january 2021

This is a day full of diverse emotions in which a gesture makes you understand the love and consideration that those people in whom you have placed your trust feel towards you. As your birthday cycle approaches, in a few days you will feel the energy of love in your life stronger and stronger.

Are you going to participate in a group activity today? If you are not in a relationship, there you could meet someone who attracts you. The energy that is generated in the meeting, the intellectual stimulation of the conversations and debates around you, plus the obvious common interests, will contribute to the relationship. Don’t let shyness stop you from inviting your new friend for coffee after the meeting. Surely the attraction is reciprocal. Have fun!

You are very sensitive. Even after many years of living together, you still feel butterflies deep in your stomach. With your spouse, you are on the same footing and this creates an extraordinary bond. If you are single, you will tend to imagine the future from the first kiss. However, take your time to build up some confidence. “Love is the strongest of all passions: it attacks both the head, the heart, and the body.”

Many times a simple external change is all you need to improve your health. Don’t fret if you are experiencing certain physical discomforts when you wake up. Check your bed or your shoes and in them, you can find the answer, that easy. Many times support in your shoes raising the plantar arch solves the problem.

Today you will feel a feeling of confinement that will get on your nerves. Don’t get carried away by drowning and take things easy. If you have to work, take a few breaks more often than usual, tomorrow you can make up for the lost minutes. The most important thing is that you manage to push that exaggerated desire for freedom that you feel. If you are at home, try to relax, if you have things to do, then take it easy and without rushing.

A habitual and seemingly harmless gesture in your morning routine could end up being harmful to your health. If you are one of those people for whom the definition of a “good little shower” implies that the water temperature is as close as possible to that of the lava, this will, unfortunately, be a pleasure that you will have to do without. Water that is too hot, especially repeatedly, will have negative consequences on your skin and hair because it attacks the natural oils that protect them from dryness.

If you focus on finding suitable solutions to your work concerns, you will see how ideas arise to apply in your company and get out of a work problem that has recently troubled you. The important thing is that you do not deviate from your goals.

When the day is over, you will see it as something of the most unusual. Wild ideas sprang from your head like mushrooms on a fertile swamp. You may have imagined taking a trip around the world immediately, or you may have formed preliminary plans for a groundbreaking home care invention, or you may have envisioned a whole new career in the virtual reality business. Don’t dismiss these ideas as completely unrealistic.

Money and Luck
The economic climate that surrounds you can cause you restlessness or states of anxiety if in your endeavor to earn money you neglect other aspects of your life. Use your common sense and do everything in its own time, take each day as it presents itself, in the best Aquarius style. Aquarius Luck Today

Treat yourself today. If you have to work, don’t rush home, hang around a bit, or extend your noon break. If you don’t have to work, take the opportunity to take a good bath, dress up in the most beautiful things you have in your closet and go shopping or for a walk. If you prefer or not you can go out, because the moment is ideal to disconnect or turn off the phone and get in front of the television to watch your favorite program or an old movie that you have not seen in a long time.

If you are working and have a project that has been close to your heart for a long time, the time may have come to share it with those around you. You could receive a particularly positive reception, favored by the position of Jupiter in your Sky which makes you benefit from its positive waves. Take advantage of this extremely favorable alignment towards you to try to make your arguments, which will prove to be relevant and will convince the reluctance likely to be opposed to you at first.

Family and Friends
Since when haven’t you spent an evening or a day with your closest friends? So, yes, the family and work obligations that are piling up right now don’t leave you a minute, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget about your friends. Take the time to see them or, at the very least, give them a call. It is also no secret that friendship is the best remedy in case of slack like the one you are currently feeling.

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