Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th July 2022

You appreciate the freedom to explore life and make the most of any opportunity. With the Moon sextile Uranus your open-minded and inventive approach to life sets you up with many skills or careers. You are particularly well adapted to this rapidly changing modern world. The semi-independent personal connections made through social media especially favor your free-spirited nature.

With Pluto in Capricorn you will be able to achieve personal transformation through evolution, but the sign of Capricorn usually restricts and impedes Pluto, so you will be forced to make considerable efforts to further your spiritual transformation if you so desire. Nothing is impossible when you really want something.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Tues...
Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

With the Sun conjunct the Moon you can sense how your personal ambitions, desires and needs affect the feelings of your partner. Your balanced approach to problem solving makes this a great time to clear the decks and start fresh. Correct mistakes, cleanse destructive feelings, end destructive relationships, forgive and be forgiven. In short, a new opportunity to be truly happy. With the Sun trine Neptune you have great imagination, intuition, spirituality and a sense of harmony. However, all your activities could lack order and structure, with this aspect you could simply be “floating” through the structure of life.

You will be more carefree, which will allow you to take a step back from an important unfinished business. Your energy must be channeled if you do not want to find yourself thrown into sterile excesses, which will only serve your cause. You will have to solve a tricky question, the main thing is not to doubt your abilities to handle things. You will have to clearly indicate your limits so that your flowerbeds are not trampled on.

Cordiality is your best asset to achieve your goals and you will not miss it today. Moreover, the testimonies of sympathy of your collaborators are sincere. Go with the flow with confidence! Collective work proves to you that you will complement each other very effectively.

This time, you will prioritize your family life and especially your children. You will spare neither your time nor your efforts as soon as the little darlings are concerned. You will encourage them very effectively in their various activities and will participate very willingly in their games and distractions. Cheer !

No matter how hard you try, love relationships with other people hurt you again and again, and these injuries hurt the most because they cannot be completely healed, on the contrary, from time to time they reopen. Chiron in the 7th house generates this strange energy for you, but it is up to you to work on your self-esteem so that things slip from you.

You make important decisions with your partners to secure your future. You propose to live together, buy a house, get married or have children. On the friends side: promises and sharing. As a couple: The current flows better and above all, the dialogue is enriched. You feel free in your choices and at ease to share your views with your other half. However, if you have to decide your future, wait until the end of the day. Single: You are chosen by the Gods and, if you dream of a soul mate, do not miss the niche. You must change course, take advantage of this week to renounce the past and engulf yourself in a new life!

The radiations of Venus will ensure couples a completely gratifying love activity, free from any inhibition or aggressiveness. You will reach ecstasy without difficulty on this day. Single, you should meet your soul mate with mutual friends today. You will want to please and will go all out for it. Moreover, the person you have tried in vain to catch in your nets could well end up in your arms!

Cancer in your 6th house generates a feeling of dissatisfaction at work, there is something that does not make you happy in any job. So that emotional tension could lead to health problems. To avoid possible depression and the search for false starts, you must seriously work on yourself. It’s time to restore your health.

You buy good seasonal products and you cook light. It’s the best way to feel good about yourself, fit and fully operational for your future vacation. Neptune will remind you that your good health is conditioned by a good balance of your digestive functions but also by a very strict lifestyle. Do not go to bed too late and eat at regular times. This will make you feel much better.

The position of Mars in Leo generates an important energy for you to fight very hard for your goals at work, if you do it from the heart, the universe will reward your effort with a lot of economic abundance. Thanks to good relationships with positive people, an excellent opportunity for your professional future could arise and will allow you to evolve quickly in a short time. Remain very attentive in your exchanges and show yourself available.

Influenced by three planets which, each in their own way, are linked to ambition, you risk having your teeth scratching the floor! Try to master this desire to succeed in your work. If you channel it well, you will get the most out of it. But if you start clumsily claiming high status, you just risk annoying the hierarchy and your colleagues.

Money and Luck
Today Pisces continues in the 2nd house and that aspect makes you a person with a broad soul, you generously distribute your savings, and it is enough to support your family, although sometimes you suffer from not having money for yourself. Either way, you do it with pleasure and that’s what counts. You observe the state of your resources, your values and your way of earning money.

You want to achieve greater financial, emotional and household security in your daily life. The Sun will put the financial domain momentarily in the spotlight. For the best, perhaps, but provided that you are careful not to overspend or, if you have invested your savings in the stock market, not to take too many risks.

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