Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th November 2019

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th November 2019

You will harsh roughness and get lost again, Aquarian confidence. You will tear down that artificial wall that had come between you and the person who loves you so much.

The most positive features of your vibrant personality are combined with an emotional tone that will make your words take effect and fall into receptive ears. The prospects you have in front of you are very good, but remember that it is you who have to decide, act, do.aquarius daily horoscope 9th november 2019

You are wondering or questioning many things that can cause you restlessness by not knowing what to do or say in front of certain sentimental situations. The best? Let your heart speak now that Uranus, your ruler, travels through the spontaneous Arian sign.

The atmosphere will be electric in your couple because of the influence of Neptune in your sky. You are not in the mood for lowering tensions. Avoid shouting, it’s never good and you’ll regret it quickly enough. Remember why you love the person with whom you live. Remember your first kisses. If you are single, you will probably not meet today. It does not matter, you should find love very soon.

The current planetary incidents in your sign make you prone to infections if you are careless when you have romance. Be very careful not to complicate yourself uselessly.

If you have one or more pets at home, pay close attention to their hygiene today. Indeed, it is possible that an unfavorable lunar aspect is playing against you right now. To stay away from the lice of the walking dog, or an infectious cat scratch, give your furry friend the best possible care. Thus, you will not have to worry when they will be in a cuddly mood and will climb on your knees for a little chat session.

It is possible that the time has come to change jobs if you do not feel comfortable with your bosses, your schedules or the conditions in which you carry out your work activities. However, do not take blind steps, guided by emotions, when you are going to do it you should have them well thought out.

The natives of the first decan will have to show a little more rigor at work. Your motivation is in free fall for a few days and you cannot get your head out of the water. If you want to change jobs or evolve within the company, think carefully before applying. At first, ask your entourage. Moreover, no problem is expected financially for all natives of the sign. You are protected by the positive influence of Pluto.

Money and Luck
Chance is well sponsored in this cycle and also everything related to banks, loans, certificates of deposit and other stock-exchange actions. If you need any extra money you can get it with good interests and advantages, Aquarius. Aquarius Luck Today

Family and Friends
Your mood swings assault your entourage. Fortunately, you are able to maintain a stable temperament for your children’s contacts. But the rest of your family is the subject of your repeated nervous attacks. How long are you going to impose that on them? Side friendship, you slip on a bad slope. There is vexation in the air. Be careful not to unknowingly reveal secrets to the wrong people. Think carefully before speaking and do not let yourself be confined under any circumstances.

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