Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 17th July 2022

You will express a very serious personality, in which you will project great responsibility, people will feel very comfortable with your level of seriousness and commitment, since you will radiate these qualities in your environment, although some people could find you very severe, since Saturn is in house 1.

Your level of creativity will depend on your emotions, since the Moon is located in Leo’s house, this could offer you a very varied emotional world that will allow you to create accordingly. Your creative capacity will be exalted.

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

Your personality will not leave your partner indifferent, you will express great charm thanks to the presence of Venus in the 7th house, whose energy brings significant benefits in the 7th house, permeating the bond with a lot of romanticism and admiration between you. Jupiter in the house of financial resources will bring you luck in the lottery. So it’s a good day to buy some numbers.

Today you can discover a talent that you did not know you had. It may be related to healing or divinatory arts, or it may be an artistic gift that you had not discovered. The support of your loved ones could prompt you to develop this new talent. Get ready to talk a lot about it! At the end of the day you will not be the same person who woke up this morning in your room. Get ready!

Today is going to be a wonderful day for you. Take care of your social and fun side by sharing some recent discoveries with your friends. Express your opinions, and talk as well as listen. Let your mind fly into a creative state where you can express some of the political and social views that are on your mind. You will earn the support and respect of others in almost everything you do.

For the natives of the sign, this day will be placed under the sign of friendship. You will be solicited by some of your relatives and you will rejoice. A lunch at the restaurant, a drink on the terrace after work, a quick phone call at the right time… Nothing like it to put you in a good mood! The alignment of the planets indicates that you are going to have a real good time with them. On the family side, a good balance will reign. This will be the time to talk about very important life projects that will allow you to move forward.

The way in which you live the romance should be in a very intellectual sense due to the influences of the sign of Gemini and Mercury in the house of romance. So it is convenient that there is a person by your side with whom you can share this mental world, otherwise the link will be boring for you.

Several invitations to social events are on the way, some from people not very close. You are not going to ignore them. You could establish new friendships and valuable contacts in those evenings. Although you like to be surrounded by people, today you do not feel like being with anyone. What you want is to be with your family and enjoy a romantic moment with your partner.

You will benefit from the beneficial influence of Venus which arrives in your Astral Sky and promotes a climate conducive to rapprochement. Couples might want to organize a small romantic evening. If you have children, hiring a babysitter would be a good idea to spend a romantic dinner with the person you love. Singles will also enjoy these advantageous auspices and could make a meeting that will not leave them unmoved.

The Sun in the house of health could be somewhat affected in that your level of vitality can drop, but you could counteract this aspect by staying very active, an exercise routine could contribute positively. Today you will have clear thoughts, and your focus will be accurate.

In the office, use this energy to lower the pile of work onto your desk. You will be able to perform tasks faster than usual and calculate figures with greater precision. Meanwhile, in your personal life you will have a greater perspective of your romantic relationship. If there is something that needs a change, today you will understand what needs to be done.

Your imagination is overflowing today. You dream of seeing your feet full of sand and feeling the sun beating down on your already golden skin. Let your thoughts wander. Soak up vitamin D by tasting fresh fish and some dairy products (yogurts or cheeses) or by opting for food supplements. Moreover, a little improvised candlelight dinner would not be too much to boost your morals if you feel the need.

A trine between Uranus and the Sun will imply a type of electrical discharge in a figurative sense, the way in which you channel this energy will depend on you, it is important that you take advantage of it to devise new projects and stay active in the work environment.

You may have a falling out with someone, probably at work, and you could rethink your career and goals. You may decide to radically change direction and go solo. Today is not a good day to take action, so consider all your options. Tomorrow you will feel better and you may prefer to stay as you are. Wait a bit.

Money and Luck
Jupiter in trine with Mercury will allow you to expand in the financial area, it is an excellent energy to broaden the horizons of your business, since your knowledge in the area of business together with the long sights of Jupiter will bring important achievements.

Today you could receive news that changes your point of view on an important matter for you. It can be something magnificent or a disappointment, but in any case it is positive because it will make you more aware of reality. You may spend much of the day thinking and making new plans based on what you have heard. It would be a good idea to write everything down and make lists; This matter is too important to be forgotten.

Your independence of mind pushes you to neglect the rules inherent in professional life. You want to do everything “your way”. This thinly veiled hostility to guidelines and other processes marks you as a “change-resistant” being. Maybe it would be good for you to modernize a bit. Adapting to new methods does not mean giving up on creativity. You can very well make the two coexist. Listening more could be very beneficial to you.

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