Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 7th March 2021

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 7th March 2021

Mercury is still retrograde in your sign, but only until March 10 and already this Sunday you will notice how well the issues that were crooked or confused begin to be fixed. Go preparing the conditions for a short trip that is about to crystallize during these next days of March before the end of the first quarter of 2021. Today you feel more sure of yourself, with greater confidence in everything you can achieve. Your charisma will allow you to achieve great relational or media success.

You shine today. Boost your energy? This is possible if you curb your nerve impulses. Relax! A burst of enthusiasm and a future that is shaping up to you. Today you will not lack energy, dynamism, and even less verve to praise your merits and convince those around you to believe in you, to follow you! You have finally understood that it does not bring you anything positive to be aware of what others think, especially if it is negative. Failing to pay attention to these issues will provide you great benefits in the future because everything is interrelated.aquarius daily horoscope 7th march 2021

Don’t let the opinions of others get in the way of your success. Now you are well on your way to getting what you want, just pay attention to your inner voice. Today is a good day to think and see the possibilities that life offers you. Doors begin to open and you may have to choose which one to enter. If until now you were a lonely heart, the right person for you may be already in your social circle. You just haven’t realized it yet. Look it up.

Your charismatic Aquarian personality continues to surround everyone you meet with your charm and fascination, especially at this stage of the equinox month that we are living. Your love life is presenting subtle nuances that on this day, with the vibration of five, will bring you closer to the heart of that person that you know.

The sky whets all your appetites and especially your sensual impulses. You aspire to share strong moments with the other and you dream of reaching, together if possible, the seventh heaven. Perhaps the least thing is to talk about it? In a Relationship: You do not miss any assets or opportunities to familiarize yourself with angels, even if you have to accept obstacles or limitations that will have the gift of exasperating you. Single: Your checkered love life is not right for you, but you have to be patient and continue to believe in it for the magic to finally work. Do not confine yourself to your disappointments, each day brings its share of romantic opportunities!

Single, with this configuration of Venus, your love life should be placed under excellent auspices. The many loners who haven’t met anyone for a long time will feel their hearts beat again. If you ask your partner to go and get the moon for you, you may be very disappointed. On the other hand, if you are a little more realistic, your marital relations will give you important satisfaction.

Be very careful with the respiratory tract or allergies and avoid the odors of strong disinfectants such as chlorine because the bronchial tissues are now very sensitive.

Even if you’re not the type to indulge in overeating or fine wines, Mars and Jupiter could temporarily turn the tide. Without going so far as to diet, avoid gastronomic overflows, otherwise hello a liver attack! Also, avoid romance excess.

Largely in control, you know how to spare yourself a little parenthesis. Yet, once this is all over there is still something to do. Jump into this bubble of tranquility, that you had planned!

There is good news in the horoscope for Aquarians looking for a job because this first quarter of the year will not end without you having already achieved what you are looking for and being able to steer yourself in the right direction.

If you follow the procedures you are familiar with, you will avoid the ruts. Do not wait for permission to invest in certain areas. Take initiatives, it will pay off.

The influence of the Sun and Venus in your work sector should in principle help you be successful in your professional life. But not everything will be so simple. As much as you want to succeed and have a certain chance, you will have to fight to impose yourself.

Money and Luck
During this astral cycle, your sixth sense and the intuition that characterizes your Aquarian sign will allow you to access the place where that money awaits you that you thought would never be in your hands. There is good news in that regard, do not be impatient. Aquarius Luck Today

With the departure of Saturn from your Heaven, you will be able to regain confidence in your material life. The lean days are over, and you should be back to a more satisfying standard of living. You can pay off your debts if you have had to borrow.

You feel confident, courageous, full of vitality and your initiatives are paying off. You pursue your goals with determination, focused on what they can bring you in terms of money and personal satisfaction.

Family and Friends
Everything that concerns your loved ones will be under the influence of Venus and the Sun, two beneficial stars. Your relations with your parents will be placed under the sign of tenderness. When it comes to your children, you won’t have to worry about anything. They will sparkle with vitality, leading their lives with enthusiasm

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