Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 16th November 2017

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 16th November 2017

The transit of the Moon on this Thursday to an air sign compatible with yours by sharing your zodiacal element, softens your relationships and nuances your day with a touch of tenderness and tranquility, something very necessary to get ahead. In these coming days of the month of November that you are living, a surprise awaits you in your work, something that will catapult you to a better position, but that also implies an increase in your responsibilities and workload.

This Thursday, November 16, the opportunities to be noticed are not going to be missed! Take the opportunity to free yourself from your supply! You have trouble keeping up the pace, recharge your energy batteries in the open air would you help, do not be alarmed. You are in a very intuitive tone. If you are single, be careful, do not let yourself be dazzled by appearances. This moon is very stimulating, it will bring you vigor and creativity. Let yourself be guided by your ideas, you may be pleasantly surprised by the events of this day. You can count on frank and direct collaborations, it will save you time.aquarius daily horoscope of 16th november 2017


Aquarius Daily Love and Health Horoscope Today Thursday 16th November 2017

Aquarius Love Today
Very tactful and do not be dazed at the time of love. Remember that during this cycle you will have many unexpected setbacks, do not lose your calm because with your regent, retrograde, in the fire element, everything can happen in an unexpected way. This day promises to be impassive. Nothing prevents you from taking care of yourself, on the contrary! Desires are powerful and a little selfish. It’s a day to take care of you first, then your loved ones. Your environment is a good source of satisfaction with, if you are attentive, opportunities, good surprises, happy coincidences.

Aquarius Health Today
There are certain sudden disorders associated with digestion, airways and blood pressure that are resolved with changes in habits, exercise, and proper nutrition.

Aquarius Work Today
You are well supported in this sense and with a particularly effective winning tone if you are about to make some kind of contract or new business, you start a different job or you will be interviewed for some position in a job you need. The openings of job opportunities are high, Aquarian. Business initiatives, alliances, and partnerships are highly favored. It will work in pairs. Everything is possible in view of your ambitions, a door opens, for you to cross it without hesitation. Your greatest power is in diplomacy today … so it would be useful to nuance your positions sometimes radical or provocative. Rather argue your suggestions by showing yourself tolerant of others. It will work better than your instructions.

Aquarius Money Today
The ups and downs of your economic life recently may have caused you some concerns in these past days, but fortunately, now everything is falling behind and from this Thursday, open doors of money and fortune that will be accentuated as this second half of November continues to pass. Your theories are positive, they are fertile bases for your future. Legal information is essential.