Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 19th July 2018

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 19th July 2018

In this planetary cycle recently initiated in your Aquarius sign your intimate life is renewed and strengthened. This day you will have the opportunity to make a new friendship whose ties will be strengthened over time. A positive social climate surrounds you and if you are planning a party or similar activity it will go very well.

You have Uranus, your ruler, direct, but since Saturn is retrograde, you do not want to start large businesses or make too complicated investments like houses or land. This does not mean that you evade them, but rather that you analyze them and then make your decisions do not let yourself be manipulated or manipulated by sticky and insistent salespeople.

The unexpected is the order of the day in your love relationships, Aquarian, everything happens with the unpredictability of your air sign, so be prepared for unusual encounters or surprise phone calls from those who least think. You are in a cycle of amazement and there will be things that will amaze you. A tone of freshness envelops your intimate life, enjoy it.

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Do not neglect yourself because when something goes wrong in the body the body warns you by emitting signals and it is your responsibility to attend them in order to avoid greater evils.

You could be intimidated by what comes up. The opportunity has come to test your knowledge, skills and talent in a new task which demands responsibility and experience. Do not be afraid to assume that position because fortunately, you will be able to develop it with great efficiency. Take a risk, Aquarian!

Money and Luck
You will be surprised how you start to develop within the field of economics because you will achieve wonders with a little money since you will know what to do and how, at the best time, to multiply.