Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 7th July 2022

At this time you could experience flashes of genius, as Uranus is in the 4th house of your horoscope, a position that endows people with great inspiration and a powerful revolutionary spirit. Your ideas could have a great social impact.

Today you will show great interest and responsibility to keep up to date with the knowledge related to your interests, you will focus time to update yourself, since you could feel a bit dusty in a world in which information and knowledge advance quickly.

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

You will feel very proud of your partner and you will love to see them together. You can be a bit demanding in the relationship, since you love to court or be courted and not lose that spark of love, but you also need to feel very special. Venus in Leo gives you a warm and generous character and, above all, loyal. Neptune in Pisces and in the 3rd house can give you a very distracted personality, giving you the feeling that you are on another planet and that everything that happens in the world is foreign to you.

The Moon in the 5th house can give a very hedonistic view of life and in romance, you could experience multiple loves that never materialize, some of them could present themselves as very turbulent love affairs. The challenge is that you can build a stable and serious relationship.

The Sun transiting the house of health can generate some compulsive behaviors, such as hypochondria.

You will be manifesting a great sense of responsibility at work, and you will work hard to meet each of your goals, however the achievements may not be proportional to your level of performance.

Money and Luck
Jupiter’s position in the 2nd house is usually positive or generous in business. So you could achieve what you set out to do in the financial area, since you will have a great nose for attracting monetary resources.

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