Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 9th May 2019

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 9th May 2019

Soon there will be unexpected changes in your life that could put you in a compromising situation if you do not act quickly, Aquarian. It is necessary that you leave fears aside and follow your hunches and you can have what you want.

Fortune is favoring you and what you are longing for can be achieved only by proposing it. Apply your concentration and follow your intuition. This way you will see how your dreams of economic prosperity will materialize quickly and put an end to a stage of insecurity.aquarius daily horoscope today thursday 9th may 2019

You are in the middle of a cycle of sentimental, Aquarius solidity, and your effective bonds are strengthened. You will find love and tenderness with your partner, but if you are alone, take advantage of this solitude in a creative way by doing something that embellishes your inner world.

Basically it is a good day for your health, but you are surrounded by the dangers of self-indulgence, such as eating and drinking too much. Beware of excesses because the pleasures of today could become tomorrow’s problems. Remember that balance and moderation are treasures of life.

Despite appearances, you are enjoying a satisfactory level of job stability. This tranquility will allow you to make budgets and draw more concrete plans in your work which will help you improve your status or find a job if you do not have one yet.

Money and Luck
Very soon your economy will go flying because your money is turned into a centrifuge from which it will emerge with profits for you. An innovative idea will bring you an increase in your income associated with a very short trip abroad.

By Mary Emma

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