Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 9th November 2017

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 9th November 2017

Today, Thursday, there is an important planetary transit to your sign, Mars, a dynamo of the energy in your air element. Put to work your practical side and guide yourself by your intuitions, but always tinting them with a sensitive and rational tone.

The retrograde influence of your ruler, Uranus, in the element fire, tends to create some situations of confusion and misunderstandings, hence the need always not to jump like a spring when you hear something that disturbs you, but rather grant the benefit of the doubt and wait for events to unfold over time.aquarius daily horoscope of 9th november 2017

Aquarius Love
If you recently left a relationship, or they left you, this is not the time to grieve or grieve but rather to channel your energy to recover emotionally and start a cycle that changes your routine this November.

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Aquarius Health
Follow your plans You are full of good ideas, but if you do not execute them, they stay in your head. One of them may be associated with a transformation of your diet or a different way of leading your life to improve your image.

Aquarius Work
Very soon you will have the support of your co-workers and your superiors to resolve a personal issue. Speak, and you will see how it is arranged. The important thing is that you do not get overwhelmed before your time. You are entering a good phase of work advancement, not as fast as you wish, but firm and safe.

Aquarius Money and Luck
During these days your thinking is clear regarding purchases and sales. You have a correct disposition that will allow you to place your money in the best place and help you solve your urgent financial matters in a satisfactory manner. However, since your ruler is still retrograde and Mars enters your sign, do not make hasty decisions without having analyzed them well beforehand.