Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 12th May 2020

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 12th May 2020

Aquarius, do not stop for anything or anyone, you have to make your way to new horizons, do not hide like a kitten, you are a lion and you know that what you propose you will achieve, you are a person with a lot of desire to go out Go ahead so do not give up, the one who perseveres reaches, avoid as much as possible any distractions, try to make an agenda with all the pending activities for today.

You need to catch up on the most important issues. A friend will ask you to attend a social event, but you can only go if you manage to finish on time.

Don’t confuse the spontaneous and sincere with immaturity. Apply at all times the experience acquired during all these past months in which you encountered similar situations and do not get carried away by your impulses.

You must begin to demonstrate your true feelings because if not, it is possible that in the long run, you will feel great helplessness within yourself. You need to say exactly what you feel and think, do not hide or disguise the truths just to say what others want to hear.

Mars is playing with your obstinacy in wanting to escape conflict by putting you in the grip of a going-to-war partner. This quarrelsome atmosphere pushes you to look outside your home for an accomplice soul, capable of understanding your desire for escape and tranquility. It is with an understanding Taurus that should find some comfort. Single, you are at the center of all attention and all lusts. If you take some vanity out of it, you don’t seem to be overwhelmed by your circle of admirers.

It is normal that these days you feel a little exhausted, or that when you wake up you feel that you slept badly and you wake up with pain in the neck or back. Try not to sleep too late, in addition to this, it is also important that you improve your habits before going to bed, on this depends on your mood and your health the next day.

Nobody ever saw you put on a jog and go to the gym? You will dazzle and amaze them! If you are not the type to kiss the manager of the sports hall – because, quite simply, you do not know him – you can also walk for about 20 minutes or go to the swimming pool in the history corner of doing a few lengths. Enrich your body with trace elements. They usually hide in carrots, fish, and even in egg pasta.

In the workplace, the days that come will bring with them a lot of news that may not be what you were expecting, since some of them talk about problems at work or in a project in which you have invested time and effort.

At work, you will demonstrate a good spirit of initiative, while remaining cautious and avoiding taking too many risks. If you have recently received a promotion, you will strengthen your position, and your rivals may always try to take your place!

Money and Luck
Money has never been a problem for you and your family, remember that life is like roulette. So you must learn to save, avoid all waste of unnecessary money. Try to help your neighbor, because just as they need at the moment, You can find yourself in the same situation later.

The debts at the moment are absorbing all your income, this is due to the unnecessary loans that you have had due to the lack of organization in your finances. You must learn to prioritize expenses, avoid buying things that you and your family don’t need. May this serve as a lesson to take care of your money.

This day under the aegis of Neptune will be very satisfactory for your finances. If you want to take steps in this area, trust your intuition. Does your banker advise you to open a savings account rather than placing your money in life insurance as you wish? Don’t listen to him. A member of your entourage extols the merits of this or that investment fund? Do not change it just because it tells you well!

Family and Friends
The stars have decided to be clement with you today, especially for the natives of the 1st decan who could get a positive answer to a question pending for several weeks. The arrival of Uranus in house IV foreshadows an important change in your family or personal life. Important news such as the announcement of pregnancy around you, or the return of someone close to you who you have not seen for a long time could be announced to you.

You will seriously seek openness in your dealings with your children, especially if they are adolescents. Well done! This will not fail to produce immediate miracles. An open discussion today will resolve an underlying but unspoken problem.

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